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OMG! EMC has over 20 Free Fundamentals Training Courses! #EMCElect

October 23rd, 2014

Hey! Why do you keep tagging these posts about EMC with #EMCElect? I just want you to know that I like to party.

But seriously, after my past (and even very recent) posts about Free EMC Education, I love to share the love, the word and the FREE!

Thanks to the awesome team at EMC Education Services there’s a whole boatload of training available to get yourself started!

What kind of topics?

Where can I find out more?

More details can be found at the Free Fundamentals e-Learning Index! So get out there and continue being awesome. :)

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Register today for EMC World – Early Bird Discount Offer ends Feb 28th, 2011!

February 8th, 2011

EMC World 2011 - Las Vegas May 9-12th @ The Venetian

OMG! It is THAT time of year again! Are you going to EMC World?  This is definitely the MUST attend event of the year!  (Seriously, you have no idea :))

However, my first call to action for you guys.. is to try to make sure you’re getting hooked up with the FREEBIES if you know you’re going to be going anyway!

Early Bird Registration Gifts - Receive an Apple iPod nano, an Iomega eGo, or a complimentary Wednesday Evening Customer Appreciation Event Guest Pass.

A basic chart breaking down what you’re looking at when it comes time to register:

Conference Registration Rates and Breakdowns:

Conference Registration Rates Price Valid Starting Valid Through
Early Bird Rate $1,895 USD with gift November 9, 2010 February 28, 2011
Discounted Rate $1,895 USD March 1, 2011 April 11, 2011
Standard Rate $2,195 USD April 12, 2011 May 12, 2011

So I decided to take as best of a dive as I could into what these “Special Gifts” are, just to get an idea of what incentive you have to book early (and often?!)

Early Bird Registration Gifts:

Early Bird Registration Gift Approximate Price Relative Value
8GB iPod Nano $149 This is great if you don’t have an iPod or want another as a gift!
1TB Iomega eGo Portable $159 I’m not certain if this is the correct one but the price is retail about this
Could be very useful if you don’t have or want another drive (these rock)
Event Guest Pass $155 Bringing a spouse? (To vegas?! Seriously?!) Invite them to the event!
If you are not bringing another, this is NOT the gift for you!

Booking your hotel:

Within the Venetian Resort you have the option to select your room to be within the Venetian Tower or the Palazzo Tower. Both towers are equal distance to the conference center. To secure a special conference rate be sure to reference EMC World if you chose to make a phone reservation. All room blocks expire on April 14, 2011.

The VenetianThe Palazzo

The Venetian The Palazzo
Rate: $179.00 + tax
Phone: 866.659.9643 or 702.414.1000
Online Booking
Rate: $179.00 + tax
Phone: 866.659.9643 or 702.414.1000
Online Booking

I cannot emphasize enough because I know a lot of you guys… wait until the day OF the show to book your hotel rooms :)   All Room blocks (at these two hotels) will expire on April 14th, 2011 for this rate.   So just take that to heart when it comes time to book and buy your tickets :)

This is going to be quite the OMG WTF AMAZING EMC World on record, far greater than you can imagine.  And it will ALSO be in Vegas, so if that means a lot to you, further mad crazy times – But in all seriousness, the type of content, the audience, the community, EVERY instance of the value which will come from this event.. this is a MUST attend EMC World.  You think records were broken at our Launch Event on January 18th?  Well, you haven’t seen nothing yet? (Is that grammatically correct?!? :))

What, who, why, Justify to my boss! –


What – (2011 Conference Topics and beyond!)

  • Backup, Recovery and Archiving
    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    Cloud Computing
    Content Management and Archiving
    Enterprise Applications and Databases
    Mainframe Platforms
    Partner Solutions
    Security and Compliance
    Storage and IT Management
    Technology Directions and Innovation
    Tiered Storage and Automation
    Virtual Infrastructure
Yes, I know the conference topics have not been announced yet (Or else I would be citing them) But as an insider [ooh!] I know some guys delivering some GREAT sessions this year!  I haven’t planned to slate myself for anything, I’m tied up with other conferences.. and will be busy attending the show instead of presenting [well, and covering the show for the Media] but feel free to come by and talk ;)

Who – (Meet, Greet, Network, Learn)

  • Learn directly from EMC engineers, customers, and partners at 500+ breakout sessions. EMC World’s comprehensive agenda includes keynotes, lectures, live demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and birds-of-a-feather sessions.

Did I mention I’m going to be there?! :) And definitely seek me out and I can hook you up with other like-minded individuals, or others who are either doing what you WANT to do, or have already done it and you can share best practices (No, not marketing fluff, but actual real customers, engineers and beyond, networking seeds networking! :))


Why – (Content, Content, Content)

  • Challenge your expertise with offerings including tutorials, business tracks, technical training, and developer sessions ranging from novice to expert.

Are you a novice looking to seed your knowledge? Excellent.  Are you an expert, guru, ninja, and you find that no one understands you? Go yell at engineers! (That’s what I do ;))   This is the perfect opportunity whether you’re at the top of your game or just getting involved in the industry.   No stone unturned, you will be able to enhance your knowledge, take things to a new level and become an even greater champion than you already are today! (Champions ARE made just by attending EMC World)  Literally, seek me out and I’ll make sure you’re getting the MOST out of your entire experience – I do it at every show I attend. ;)

Justify to my boss – (Whoa, this is in Vegas, my boss won’t approve that!)

I haven’t seen an official write up ‘slick’ on this yet, so I am writing this FOR you.  I’ve had to do this in the past for past events (VMworld, Microsoft TechEd, Past EMC Worlds, TEC, etc)   You go to your management and you scream “I want to learn, I want to educate myself in order to better drive value into the environment, I need to network with my peers, and see the up and coming and be PART of the future instead of waiting for us to eventually get there”.   Yea, but this is what your management sees. “Jim wants to go to Vegas for a week, blah blah blah conference”  

Do you find yourself in this situation?  If so, let me know (And let others know) I’ll try to make sure you have the right resources to help PROVE this out in your environment.  Whether you’re an EMC Customer today, or one in the future; this will be the value of a life time.   If you spent the entire time in sessions never meeting a single person you will gain benefit and an experience which will pay dividends in your home environment; step outside that shell a little bit and all of a sudden you will become a champion unlike that you’ll ever have seen!  

Do not hesitate to educate! I’ll personally call your management if you’d like and help them understand the value (I’ll get whoever your local account team is involved just to make sure I’m not blindsiding them ;))   But seriously, now is the time to SAVE, as well as to LEARN!   Hop to it!


So, good luck, enjoy and lets all meet up in Vegas for what will be an experience of a life time, this is ground breaking in every possible fashion!  

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EMCWorld Day 1 – Aching feet, dead phones, Brocade and what heaven is like!

May 11th, 2010

I sure do say Wow a lot, but seriously, do I not have an infinite number of reasons to?! :)   Today in particular was a heavy and hectic one! (One in which involved a lot less photos being taken in general!)    But that is solely driven just on the sole fact of SO much going on! If you’re here in attendance at EMC World 2010, I hope you’re having as good of a time as I am! (I’m certainly having my fair share of busy times! :))

My day actually started off a little similar and yet extremely different than everyone else’s!  Not only did I get to take in Joe Tucci’s keynote, but in the final moments of his speech and presentation, as the clock ticked past 10:30AM, I was no longer under marching orders which entitled me to deliver this blog post!  EMC and AOL use VPLEX to reduce complexity in migrations, eliminating downtime!  What a way to start off the day, right?!

I was able to get that published, online and out to you guys from the amazing Bloggers lounge, where I had the great honor of finally meeting so many of my peers, good friends, colleagues and industry champions!    I’m not sure I have the power in me to even be able to reference even half of the folks of you… so feel free to make yourselves known:)

Knowing I had matters to attend to, I headed out from the Bloggers lounge over to the Partner Pavilion, a man on a mission as I was.. to visit my good friends at Brocade :)    It was at this point I finally got to officially meet in person the lord master, @charleshood of the infamous blog Welcome to my valve on the series of tubes.  Charles is quite a dynamic character, great guy and an absolute gentleman!  

Here is @charleshood playing with my iPad! (I think it's mine? or it's someones.. :)) My new best friend from Brocade, Seth Fiermonti Rocking it out with my NetIron out on the MLX-16

So, other than Charles playing with my iPad (or that might be his.. I honestly forget.. doesn’t matter, right?! :))  As I was curious to talk to one of their masters of the IP stack solutions which Brocade brings to bear, I had the amazing opportunity to meet my new best friend from Brocade, Seth Fiermonti!  Watch the video to see Seth take me and your on a whirlwind tour of the NetIron MLX-16 IP switch from Brocade (all the benefit of Foundry with the honor of the Brocade name! :))

The honorable executive Joe Tucci relates to what Bloggers do to help empower the community 

The time was however on… to take a trip back over to the Bloggers lounge… I did tour about a bit, visit a session.. and then came back down to catch this random glimpse of my best friend and honorable executive, Joe Tucci!   While I didn’t have the opportunity to shake Joe’s hand, I do have the honor of him understanding and respecting what we do as bloggers :)

After this point, it was time to head back out to the Pavilion floor to show all of the wonderful Sponsors, Partners and more that we truly appreciate them being there.. by taking their SWAG! :)

I love VMware in it's new sexy bumper sticker! Denny competes in provisioning with SMC on the VMAX! My good friend and fellow TC Greg said this quotable phrase, "This is what I envision heaven being like"

Check out these sexy new VMware stickers, they’re not only sweet! (No, they’re not pink.. but that’s the photo I took.. me thinks you ought to deal with that! :))  And one of the best ways to deal with this, is by watching @mrdenny compete to provision storage using the SMC for the VMAX – And realizing.. wow, it really IS EASY to win prizes! :)

But hands down, the best of the best is the photo of my fellow TC on the right there, Greg.  He said this (unprompted) which forced me to not only take his photo, but to share his quote :)

This is what I envision heaven being like”.  And if you were there in that particular area, you’d find it to be sooooo true! Both from the stand point of how bright, lively and airy that section is, but equally taking other undertones of the premise of the Cloud giving you that ultimate kind of Nirvana, whereby… your future is heavenly! (and no, not because you’re dead. ;))

After this point, we headed off to the House of Blues for the Brocade event, where there were literally casts of thousands in attendance! The event itself was amazing, great, my feet are DIEING! My phone was low as it was, and the subsequent battery death resulted in fewer photos. :)  Perhaps my phone will last longer here on Day 2, so I’ll have the opportunity to share more with you :)

I hope if you’re attending you are having a great time! If you’re not, hunt me down and I’ll be sure you get the most out of this experience, whether it be through meeting who you need to meet, learning what you need to learn, and solving what you need to solve!   Rock on everyone, and ready for another raucous EMC World Day 2 coming soon!

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EMCWorld Day 0 – At a glance, revisited, and Andy you’re a star #emcworld

May 10th, 2010

I don’t know about you, but wow! What a day! I started my day by waking up really early, forgetting countless things that I really need (business cards.. shaving gear, I really should check on that!) but hey, I’m here in Boston… so let’s revisit some of the events of the day.. (I’m sure you’ve seen some of these photos if you follow my twitter feed ;))

Food Court - Where Justice is brought!

No day would start off any perfectly than having the opportunity to meet with the honorable Judge Wopner, presiding over affairs of foods.

Neil from Dell!

The wonders and powers that conversation and CLEARLY looking like a geek will do (No, not Neil.. me! :)) as we engaged in a conversation with this Canadian SE from Dell – Great guy, Dell – You really struck it rich with a good guy like this!

Counting Crows Concert at EMCWorld 2010

The concert really kicked off to some good madness… this is the only photo I took of it… but it turned out decently for the iPhone.. so I’ll buy off on that one!

Polly, and Chris and SanGeek oh my! (Oooh, Look at Luigi's head!) Luigi and John Troyer kicking it OLD SKOOL! .. While Chris drains my battery ;) Bas drawing everyone in..

Yes, there were a LOT of others of us social folks than those shown here.. but these are the best three complimentary shots I can really get without lots of solo’s!

Each of these photos speaks… so many volumes about the social dynamic, the interaction and the pure culture we resonate whether it is peer to peer, customer to peer, or even out-lyers :)

image image image

Other than the gangsta street DBA’s who apparently bring their DataWarehousing to the STREETS of Boston for the late night crowd like some of us..

I think if there is much to be said… it would be in the form of this fortune I acquired for dinner.   So I look forward to you new people, new realizations, and your issues! :)

And if you see any of us that are shown pictured here.. come up to them, introduce yourselves, say hi.. and if you see my CXI shoes.. say hi ;)

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2TB LP SATA makes the CLARiiON Thick and Curvy, err, I mean increases Density while reducing cooling!

January 19th, 2010

Did you hear the announcement?! This is pretty sweet if you ask me! (Ooh! Ooh! Ask me! Ask me! :))   EMC Shrinks Midrange Storage Delivering Twice the Capacity in Half the Floor Space to Optimize Resources in Physical Data Centers  The literal important parts of this announcement are:

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced new high-density configurations of its market leading EMC® CLARiiON® CX4 and EMC Celerra® Gateway systems systems, delivering twice the capacity of previous systems in half the floor space optimizing precious and expensive data center space and resources. Additionally, the more compact midrange storage systems will support high capacity 2 terabyte (TB), low power SATA disk drives, which consume significantly less power than previous generations.

The new high-density configurations combined with 2 TB SATA drives, high performance enterprise flash drives, and EMC storage efficiency technologies—like disk spin down and EMC fully automated storage tiering (FAST)—enable customers to more easily manage the growth of storage-intensive applications. These comprehensive solutions, unique in the industry, are designed to reduce power consumption and cooling costs, and significantly reduce physical space requirements and satisfy weight considerations in today’s data center or remote office locations. Customers can achieve this substantially greater storage density within their existing datacenter power and cooling schemes.

Key Facts:

  • High density CLARiiON CX4 system configurations offer up-to 390 2TB, 5,400 and 7,200 RPM SATA drives and high performance flash drives in a single rack using half the floor space and number of power connections required for the same number of drives in conventional racks. Customers wanting to enable CIFS and NFS can deploy the more compact CLARiiON CX4 systems with high density Celerra Gateway systems.
  • The energy-efficient 5,400 RPM 2TB SATA drives provide twice the capacity while consuming over 60-percent less power per GB than 1TB 7,200 RPM SATA drives.
  • High density CLARiiON CX4 configurations also support 1TB and 2TB SATA disk drives, as well as enterprise flash drives, which store data on electronic memory rather than spinning disks.
  • The more compact CLARiiON CX4 configurations also support EMC spin down technology—which powers down inactive disk drives—saving 65-percent of the power required by traditional spinning SATA drives.
  • The high density configurations offer full access to all disk drives from the front of the storage system’s rack. The sliding design enables the front enclosures to be moved forward, providing easy access to enclosures and drives in a second ‘slide out’ tier.

"Physical space constraints present significant challenges to IT administrators facing the task of managing 50-percent or more information each year," said Rich Napolitano, President, Unified Storage Division at EMC. "We’ve developed the industry’s most comprehensive compact storage system. In addition to an innovative hardware solution that reduces floor space requirements, EMC offers software that makes the most cost-effective use of the storage system and ensures that the right information is on the right media at the right time. In doing this, we’re helping our customers address the challenges of managing significantly more information, more efficiently, using less power and with more automation."

Availability & Services

The new high density CLARiiON and high density Celerra Gateway configurations, which are based on EMC CLARiiON CX4 systems, are available today worldwide. EMC will make high-density EMC Celerra unified storage system configurations available later this year.

Additionally, EMC Global Services offers a complete suite of services from assessment to implementation to migration to help customers quickly realize the value of their new high density CLARiiON CX4 and Celerra Gateway storage system. EMC also provides services targeted to help customers fully leverage EMC FAST technology on the new configurations to optimize system performance, further increase capacity utilization and improve service levels.

So, the highlights –

  • CX4 and gateways
  • Twice the capacity, half the floor space while consuming 60% less power than 1TB 7200
  • 2TB disks + EFD = more FAST for your buck!
  • Drive Spin down, but we’ll have to see that in action relative to how many drives are in use in this scenario

Oh, and I’m sure you can clearly read the rest! So you tell me what you think? Do you see enhancements of how this will dramatically impact your CLARiiON today on the floor for the future and beyond?   Seriously reducing drive counts has it’s SIGNIFICANT benefits, especially when considering the heavy utilization of SATA 1TB’s and how you’re using them on the floor today.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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