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It’s IsAlive! Wait, where did my cluster go?

December 18th, 2008

It’s a dark night, you’re in a cold murky alley.   There’s a random file found in the root of your drive (or mount point).   Suddenly, your cluster goes offline.   WTF!

If you’re thinking, “Damnit, what did my storage vendor do now!” You’d be mistaken.

There’s this little doozy out there:

A physical disk resource may unexpectedly fail or go offline when the IsAlive function is executed on a Windows Server 2008 cluster node” to the tune of Q953652

Microsoft declares it to happen when you meet the following scenario:

  • You have a Windows Server 2008 cluster node.
  • The IsAlive function is executed on the cluster node while a file is being accessed in the root folder of the cluster disk.

In this scenario, a physical disk resource on the Windows Server 2008 cluster node may unexpectedly fail or go offline. This behavior occurs randomly.

Or otherwise read as: If you have a file in the root of Drive letter or Mount point, the drive may ‘disappear’ when you have this configured in a cluster (This does not apply to Server 2008 single servers)

Quite often this is blamed on the storage (regardless of vendor) so be sure to keep your clusters up to spec and make sure to apply this Hotfix from Microsoft, especially if you meet this criteria!

Good luck Clusters, and those cold dark alleys won’t be so bad.

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70-113 Post Mortem: TS Windows Server 2008 (Performance|Pilot)

August 14th, 2008

Let me start off with a warning about this exam.

This test is not available everywhere, and for good reason.   It is a complicated exam which launches a Real Virtual Lab environment which is run off of a server across the Internet.

The key word there being "Internet", which this often implies not having Routing issues, connection problems, speed, latency (Lag) and other client to server remote connection issues.

Lets just say, I ran into some of those issues – And you might as well.   I went in with an expectation to potentially have some problems.  Exam launched, Click connect to visit the lab and BAM – no connection.   3 hours later of them ‘resetting the exam‘ I was then able to connect into the server.   Sadly I did not have the amount of time to fully take advantage of the exam, but I did have the opportunity to read, review and comment.

The labs are interesting, it’s a true server (help files and all) and command line and other decisions and exploitations and choices you’d make on a server host.   But beware.

I encountered all that I mentioned, lag, connection issues, delay, and a slew of other ‘technical’ issues which can happen to anyone.   Great exam for what it is worth (and I commented away based upon the content and delivery) But do approach this Pilot with an expectation that you MAY encounter issues.   Prometric CAN work them out, but the Helpdesk will likely have no idea what is going on and what to do (Hopefully this 3 hour ‘lesson’ will prepare them for the next person who takes it)

Good luck, and Good Testing!

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NetApp supports Server 2008 and Hyper-V instances!

June 13th, 2008


So, as seen here NetApp Expands Storage and Data Management Solutions Supporting Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Physical and Virtual Environments this can mean a lot for environments which want high resiliency, modern systems (Server 2008, Hyper-V) and helping to further consolidate Server sprawl as well as Storage sprawl.

But what does this mean for you or I?

Oh, this is where the fun gets started!

It’s one thing to have supported SnapManager products on the latest Apps:

  • Windows Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Exchange Server 2007

But to also be able to support them instanced within Hyper-V, I have to add ‘coolerific’ to the equation.    What this means is that even I in my lab/sandbox/testbed/Laptop ;) will be able to actually simulate any of these environments as well!

My testbed happens to be a Lenovo T61P, 4gb of ram, running Server 2008 (Enterprise), Hyper-V enabled, Also running the NetApp Data ONTAP Simulator for local-side simulated (yet real) storage!

I’ll be able to run rig with all scenarios of apps, dependencies and then replicated it back to my actual real filers, along with the older apps (while not mentioned, but not less important) such as MOSS, Exchange 2003, SQL 2005, and beyond!

Yea, I think it’s pretty damn cool that the support is there, and gives me something even *I* can take advantage of, let alone large scale enterprises!

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MCTS: Hyper-V (70-652) [71-652] Study Guide

June 11th, 2008

*Update – Be sure to check out the free Training Courses for 70-652! *

5 Free Virtualization Training Courses for the Holidays! (HyperV)


How much does Free Microsoft Learning Cost? (Hint: Free!)

Now continue to this old post :)

You’re signed up, you’re in the beta! with 12 days left to take the test!
You get out there, study study study… wait, what am I supposed to study?

Well, first of all you decide to check out that Microsoft E-Learning I mentioned before here:

And let me tell you, this E-learning is very useful, if you’ve never touched ESX, XenServer, or Hyper-V.
If you’ve played with Hyper-V at all, and read the help file you will find it isn’t ALL that useful.
I’m not saying don’t give it a whirl, give it a try… But do NOT expect that to be your keys to the kingdom. You’ll be lucky if it can be used as a dowsing rod to find the moat!
(Wait, do castles even have keys?!)

Okay, so what do I do now?

Here is the first and most important thing you should do.
Read this: Test Information and Support

If ever there was a time in your life to read something like this, read it, look at it, read it again.
Go line by line, if there is something you do not understand (WTF? winrm?!) Learn about it, read about it, study it. Because that little bit of guidance there is one of the first things you ought to do, as you’ll be on a tough road without it.

Now it is pertinent that you get face time, hardcore time spent playing with the following:

  • Hyper-V: Load it up, the console up and running, virtualize some machines.
  • Hyper-v on Core: Atleast know how to do it!
  • SCVMM: If you’ve never touched this, looked at it, give up now. Seriously, give up now!
  • SCOM: This isn’t as important, but atleast be familiar with how SCOM plays with Virtualization
  • MAPS: No, not that song from Rockband, The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solutions
  • 2008 Clusters: Seriously, Seriously Francine, these Clusters, Seriously. Yes, know the clusters!
  • Networking: Know the difference between the different networking types and when they apply.
  • Disks: Know inside and out all of the details of the different type of disk options.
  • Snapshots: Snapshots are your friend, and your enemy if you think you know them and don’t!
  • CPU Requirements: This cannot be stressed enough. This ISN’T VMware – It’s more like Xen.

    Check out Blogs and other things ofcourse.
    Definitely DO check out the SCVMM Videos (Thanks to Jeff Webb for mentioning the link)

    If by trial, jury and virtue – You wholly understand each of these concepts, ideas and have a grasp of Virtualization, you should be fine. Just by installing Hyper-V, you’ll be set for 25% of the questions. The same can be said of the installation of SCVMM as well.

    I’m not at liberty to share explicit details of the exam, which is why I reference back to the ‘study notes’, as these were more or less on the ball – Read each line if you don’t understand it, plan to do poorly on that question(s)!

    Good Luck!

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    FreElearning! (Microsoft Free Voucher for training) Prep for 71-652!

    June 7th, 2008

    So, you’re saying “Man, I don’t want to take a test for something I’m not prepared for… I don’t care that it is free!?” After you get past that little story, wait, a free beta exam AND a free voucher for Microsoft E-Learning? Where do I sign up!??!

    Just visit this site: Get your skills up with Official Microsoft E-Learning!
    This offer is good until June 30th, so act fast!

    And after acting (fast) take another action in your benefit and go sign up for the:
    Hyper-V E-Learning training!

    At this point, you’ll be on the way to success in preparing yourself in ways you otherwise didn’t even think possible! After which point you’ll be on the road to success to becoming an MCTS in Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization!

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