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A look at #VMworld Day 1 and what you should know!

August 26th, 2014

Let me start off by saying, WOW. I mean Mega-WOW.  If you haven’t watched the Keynote from 26AUG2014 yet you definitely ought to.   This VMworld and this keynote focused on what has been taken for granted within the community and the virtualization space for years from a corporate perspective.   This VMworld has focused all eyes and attention on the COMMUNITY.   When the executives of VMware get up and say that the community matters, that the VMware Users Group organization is not only visible but also important to the mission and the success of their business; They are finally getting it! Today as it stands the VMUG organization has over 100,000 members. If you’re not one of those members, you should be. And if you are one of those members, continue to get involved, grow, rock! 

But there have been so many other points which were hit on, discussed, leveraged.  Down below is a breakdown of the items which they mentioned and respectively discussed, including where you can sign up for the Beta programs for some items.   This is only a small portion of the products which will be unveiled, updated, released, so on and so forth!  (There will be more references in the coming days)

This as a whole breaks down just a small section of what was discussed at the Keynote (General Session), What products were mentioned, and some little ones you ought to know about which were not directly mentioned THERE but instead were referenced elsewhere and are now able to be talked about.

  • Policy as a Service (Congress – Being worked on by Tim Hinrichs and Peter Balland, Scott Lowe pointed them out to me at the CTO Booth.
  • Mentioned briefly in the KeyNote but the further integrations and validation of the Government Cloud First Program – FedRAMP (Which is huge)
  • A serious commitment to the Open Computing Project (OCP) joining as a Gold Member

There is much more which will come from this, not only announced today but the outliers and little enhancements (Which I’ll discuss in the next few blogs)

A look at some of the products featured today 26 AUG 2014!

Hybrid Cloud
Software-Define Your Data Center
SDDC Management
Rapidly Scale Your Infrastructure
  • VMware EVO: Rail
    • EVO:RAIL announced partners: Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, Net One Systems and SuperMicro. More to follow!

The point is, this is just a taste of more to come.  Look forward to Video interviews with Engineers, Architects, Founders and more on some of the game changers in the industry, as well as highlighting particularly cool technologies, and doing my best to avoid the companies with crappy products. <3

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Review of #VMworld Day’s –1 and 0! The word of the days is Community

August 25th, 2014

If we had to sum up what those days were about, it has to be community.  Break it down with me…

Saturday hit on some major items, such as vBeers, VMworld Community Kickoff, and what followed with vKaraoke!

Sunday added to that with the 5K Fun-run, v0dgeball, the vBrownBag opening acts including the VMUnderground party which started after the VMworld Welcome Reception in the Solutions Exchange.

welcome reception

If you attended one or more of these events the underlying theme across all of them has got to be put as Community, the convergence of peoples, whether getting together and sharing a drink, getting to know one another, getting to re-unite with one another, hell even SINGING with one another!

This is truly what these leading on days are all about.   Sessions are not generally available at this point, so this leaves AMPLE opportunity to get to know your fellow VMworldian attendee, whether talking with old friends or meeting entirely new friends.   This day in particular we made a number of new friends which was borne out of conversation with people which lead to friendships being forged and built.   It can be as simple as someone overhearing a conversation you’re having about something and adding their two cents or contribution.   Again, this is EXACTLY what the VMworld conference is about (Hint, it is about YOU :))

Hopefully you too got to enjoy some of that time getting to know one another before the onslaught of sessions and so much more happens this week!

As we go throughout the week (and beyond) there will be numerous plans of video recorded interviews, deep dives and general information on some new technologies which are likely to be game changers, and more!  Enjoy and keep keeping virtually on!

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At VMworld 2014 US? Remember VMware Certification Exams are 50% OFF!!!

August 23rd, 2014

What, say it ain’t so! With a title like that?!?!

Yea you heard me! VMware Certification Exams are 50% OFF THIS WEEK! Albeit, this week, located AT VMworld, but hey that is half the fun!

The full scoop of details can be found out here, with a few select items borrowed from said link ;)

VMware Exam Testing Center Hours

Register HERE with promotion code 2014VW50 to take these exams:

  • VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV)  [VCP550 or VCP510]
  • VMware Certified Professional – Cloud (VCP-Cloud)  [VCPC550 or VCPC510]
  • VMware Certified Professional – Desktop (VCP-DT)  [VCPD510]
  • VMware Infrastructure as a Service exam  [VCPVCD510]
  • VMware View exam  [VCP510-DT]

Register HERE with promotion code: 2014VWADV50 to take these exams:

  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Design (VCAP-DCD)  [VDCD510]
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Administration (VCAP-DCA)  [VDCA550 or VDCA510]
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Design (VCAP-CID)  [VCID510]
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration (VCAP-CIA)  [VCIA510]
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Design (VCAP-DTD)  [VDTA510]
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Administration (VCAP-DTA)  [VDTD510]

And of course Pre-Authorization is REQUIRED: Refer to my blog post A Must-Read before taking your next #VMware VCP or VCAP Exam!!!

So enjoy and go get certified! Booyah and all that jazz! <3

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Staying up to date with #VMworld 2014 with mobile apps! (iPhone)

August 23rd, 2014

So here I was wondering, “Ooh… I wonder what is on the Agenda for this years VMworld!” only to initially find disappointment, disappointment and sadness.

A search for “VMworld” from my iPad Mini revealed there was one application available for download, I pulled it down ‘registered’ using it, and well, THAT didn’t work, Do not download or use the app which looks like THIS.

Do not download the VMware Customer Programs app for VMworld 2014 US!Do not download the VMware Customer Programs app for VMworld 2014 US!

I mean, it is cute and all but it does not have any data loaded for the event and will not return the results you are looking for!

But I also noticed that when I went to do the search in the first place that it would auto-fill to “vmworld 2014 us” so I figure, let me try that search not on iPad Only which the iPad defaults to, but instead switching it to iPhone only for apps.. and lo and behold BOOM! The Application I so desire!


Launching the application was simple, straight forward… okay, it took a little longer than expected but nonetheless it was set and I was ready to rock!

VMworld 2014 US Mobile App Excited for VMworld?! Look ma! I'm logged in!

And once you’ve launched the application it is pretty simple to search around, in fact, log in using the credentials for your VMworld account and you can noy only view your schedule you configured, you can partake in Gameification among other active items! I’ll keep it running on my iPhone as I travel about the show to see what other goodies will reveal from it!

So be sure to check it out, oh and don’t use the jacked up version like I did initially. Let this be a lesson from you, Don’t do what I did. :)

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With three weeks to #VMworld whether veteran or rookie attendee your must do list!

August 1st, 2014

Here we are with only 19 days until I leave to get there, leaving you approximately three weeks to get ready! Let’s make sure you’re ready! I’m sure by now you’ve already read in-depth The OMG ridiculous single point of awesome for attending VMworld 2014 San Francisco!!! and all of the citing references in past posts, right?! So let’s focus on what is most important at this point!

Are you REGISTERED for VMworld?!?

This has been covered at length, and some more length in my previous posts on the subject, but have you visited the VMworld Registration page and signed up / paid and all that jazz?! If not, your time is certainly coming close! :) There is STILL time to win a free pass from @vDestination’s “Win a free trip to VMworld” contest! (Today is the LAST day!)

Do you have somewhere to sleep?!

At this point the hotel situation is likely a bit ridiculous… I just checked what properties are available on AirBNB and there are still a fair number of good options which are affordable available, so you may want to consider that!

Have you informed your favorite vendors that you’ll be at VMworld?!

We all know that VMworld is about two things on the whole. The community and more specifically the individuals who make up the community.  While contrary to that, the Partners and Vendors tend to think that VMworld is actually about them. It isn’t. It is about YOU. NOT THEM. But with that being the case your partners and vendors likely WILL be there.  They often want to pitch you on some new thing, or show you something else, or just continue growing their network with them. Let them. Get to know them better, in an outside the office context. They will often host or sponsor parties, so a few key points to make sure you address when it comes to them…

  • Contact your Sales Reps / Sales Engineers / Technical Consultant, etc… And make sure they know that YOU will be attending VMworld!
  • Contact these partners and vendors especially if there is some technology or business case you’re looking to learn more about at the show
  • Find out if they have any parties they’re throwing or sponsoring and be all like, “Where’s my invite?!”
  • :)

Are you signed up or planning to attend various important events?!

You are the most important part of the VMworld conference and there are special events that you ought to attend!

There are obviously so many other things you need to focus and spend your attention on, but just to hit the key points from this and past posts…

  1. Book your attendance / Pass
  2. Book your hotel or place to stay
  3. Inform your vendors and partners
  4. Make sure you are bringing comfortable shoes!!!
  5. Sign up for / Register for events that apply to you

If you have each of these points covered, ready the other blog posts and guides, you will be ready to go! Good luck, love you all and see you in San Francisco!

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