With three weeks to #VMworld whether veteran or rookie attendee your must do list!

August 1st, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Here we are with only 19 days until I leave to get there, leaving you approximately three weeks to get ready! Let’s make sure you’re ready! I’m sure by now you’ve already read in-depth The OMG ridiculous single point of awesome for attending VMworld 2014 San Francisco!!! and all of the citing references in past posts, right?! So let’s focus on what is most important at this point!

Are you REGISTERED for VMworld?!?

This has been covered at length, and some more length in my previous posts on the subject, but have you visited the VMworld Registration page and signed up / paid and all that jazz?! If not, your time is certainly coming close! :) There is STILL time to win a free pass from @vDestination’s “Win a free trip to VMworld” contest! (Today is the LAST day!)

Do you have somewhere to sleep?!

At this point the hotel situation is likely a bit ridiculous… I just checked what properties are available on AirBNB and there are still a fair number of good options which are affordable available, so you may want to consider that!

Have you informed your favorite vendors that you’ll be at VMworld?!

We all know that VMworld is about two things on the whole. The community and more specifically the individuals who make up the community.  While contrary to that, the Partners and Vendors tend to think that VMworld is actually about them. It isn’t. It is about YOU. NOT THEM. But with that being the case your partners and vendors likely WILL be there.  They often want to pitch you on some new thing, or show you something else, or just continue growing their network with them. Let them. Get to know them better, in an outside the office context. They will often host or sponsor parties, so a few key points to make sure you address when it comes to them…

  • Contact your Sales Reps / Sales Engineers / Technical Consultant, etc… And make sure they know that YOU will be attending VMworld!
  • Contact these partners and vendors especially if there is some technology or business case you’re looking to learn more about at the show
  • Find out if they have any parties they’re throwing or sponsoring and be all like, “Where’s my invite?!”
  • :)

Are you signed up or planning to attend various important events?!

You are the most important part of the VMworld conference and there are special events that you ought to attend!

There are obviously so many other things you need to focus and spend your attention on, but just to hit the key points from this and past posts…

  1. Book your attendance / Pass
  2. Book your hotel or place to stay
  3. Inform your vendors and partners
  4. Make sure you are bringing comfortable shoes!!!
  5. Sign up for / Register for events that apply to you

If you have each of these points covered, ready the other blog posts and guides, you will be ready to go! Good luck, love you all and see you in San Francisco!

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