70-113 Post Mortem: TS Windows Server 2008 (Performance|Pilot)

August 14th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Let me start off with a warning about this exam.

This test is not available everywhere, and for good reason.   It is a complicated exam which launches a Real Virtual Lab environment which is run off of a server across the Internet.

The key word there being "Internet", which this often implies not having Routing issues, connection problems, speed, latency (Lag) and other client to server remote connection issues.

Lets just say, I ran into some of those issues – And you might as well.   I went in with an expectation to potentially have some problems.  Exam launched, Click connect to visit the lab and BAM – no connection.   3 hours later of them ‘resetting the exam‘ I was then able to connect into the server.   Sadly I did not have the amount of time to fully take advantage of the exam, but I did have the opportunity to read, review and comment.

The labs are interesting, it’s a true server (help files and all) and command line and other decisions and exploitations and choices you’d make on a server host.   But beware.

I encountered all that I mentioned, lag, connection issues, delay, and a slew of other ‘technical’ issues which can happen to anyone.   Great exam for what it is worth (and I commented away based upon the content and delivery) But do approach this Pilot with an expectation that you MAY encounter issues.   Prometric CAN work them out, but the Helpdesk will likely have no idea what is going on and what to do (Hopefully this 3 hour ‘lesson’ will prepare them for the next person who takes it)

Good luck, and Good Testing!

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  • Encountered similar issues. The virtual environment was great when it worked. However, after it froze for a bit, the lab wanted a password for administrator, which is not provided or shown. After trying a few times and working in the TRUE Microsoft environment where lag time and OS errors do occur, I hit Done to the Lab 1. When I tried to launch Lab 2, it just said Lab not ready. After a few minutes, bypassed that lab completely. The lab environment is excellent for testing skills once they fix all of the bugs and lag time issues.

  • Ricardo says:

    I’ve tested today, and i had only one problem: where was the password of administrator when needed?
    The connection was a little slow but not more than the virtual labs of Microsoft, where we need 1 min or more just to see the mouse moving…
    i finished the labs with more than 30min left for each. I think they aren’t remembering they will need a good connection to serv a couple of test centers.

    In general i enjoyed the new look and doing the exam simulation over the internet in a real server instead of Flash.

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