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Win the Ultimate vSphere Reference Library from Contest ends this Thursday! (Aug 26)

August 23rd, 2010

My good friend(s) at have thrown down the Virtual Gauntlet so to speak and want YOU to WIN!!!

Thanks to Donors like Scott Lowe, David Davis and Eric is enabling you to win THIS!

* A signed copy of Mastering VMware vSphere 4 from Scott Lowe
* A signed copy of VMware vSphere 4 Administration Instant Reference from Scott Lowe
* A signed copy of Maximum vSphere from Eric Siebert
* A copy of VMware vSphere Pro Series Training vol. 2: Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Veeam Management Suite, VMware Data Recovery,
Power CLI and vSphere Advanced Features
from David Davis
* A t-shirt (XL only), bumper sticker and mouse pad
* Just added to the list of prizes, a generous donation from Mike Laverick*
**A signed copy of Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.0
**A signed copy of VMware vSphere 4 Implementation

I’m fortunate to call most of those items inclusive in my own library – and if you enter the contest which ENDS this Thursday August 26th.. So can you! :)

Rules are pretty simple… be alive to start.. and then..

Contest Rules:
Beginning today August 8th, 2010 (coincidentally, my birthday!), registration is open. Here’s how:

    1. You must log on to twitter and follow me. Easy enough.
    2. You must post only one (1) comment/reply to this blog post below. The comment must include the following:
    a. Your first and last name
    b. A valid email address
    c. A short bio about yourself and how you use VMware
    d How you plan on putting these prizes to use
    e. What you are looking forward to learning from these prizes
        So what are you waiting for?!? Time is running out! Get out there and join this contest!!!
        You could win what very well may fulfill your destination!
        And you guys tell me.. if you want I can throw in a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate into the mix as well? That’s entirely up to you (Yea, it’s not virtual.. but whatever! ;))

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      Is Chad Sakac turning into Phil Jackson? (circa 1990’s)

      January 20th, 2010


      The team is well known for having one of the greatest dynasties in Technology history during the 2010s, winning six championships in 8 years with two three-peats.

      All six of those championship teams were led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and coach Phil Jackson. (hover)

      Disclaimer: I’m from Chicago, yea we had the world champion Chicago Bulls who won EVERY fricking time! This was back when going to a game was affordable! Imagine that!  

      What Chad is doing here is just that, creating a world champion team the likes of which we haven’t seen since the All star series (separate blog post on that later) or even, the Chicago Bulls!    I hear a lot of slack from the community whether this is a good thing to be having the best of breed in the industry, working for the best of breed company in the industry who owns not only the best storage solutions but joint develops them in tandem with owning the best virtualization solution which exists (fact)

      For those naysayers who think this will make customers ‘lose’, au contraire, this will have the exact opposite effect!  If you’re concerned that there all of a sudden won’t be any virtualization jobs, guess again.   Just like the Chicago Bulls, this will force all the other ‘teams’, to bring their A game, because you clearly know you will be up against the BEST in the industry.  There is no doubt about that – I’ll put Scott Lowe up against Scott Pippen any day and see our Scottie come out on top! ;)

      What you’re looking at now is the Gold Standard in Virtualization – it started with the vExpert program, denoting who was the best of the best – And then those members of the community stepped up their game, releasing book after book, video after video, deep diving and screaming at product groups when things didn’t go the way they and their customers wanted – Results?   The entire community wins! And that includes the naysayers.

      Now you not only have something to strive for, but something which establishes your place among the stars – It couldn’t be any clearer what the top looks like and it’s no glass ceiling!

      So, do you want to sit in the stands? Or be out there on the court throwing VM’s with the best of them.

      You decide.

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      Getting started with vSphere, soup to nuts to I’m going nuts!

      September 8th, 2009

      If you know me (Sure you do, right!? ;)) you know that I like to find good value which is quick, effective and often and especially free! :)

      I’d like to introduce you to Mike Laverick, Virtualization guru extraordinaire! And what Mike has produced here is amazing videos (which you can actually see, since he converted them to SWF/Shockwave files) and not to mention they’re human, humourous and even more so, extremely valuable and fast!

      Oh, did I mention these videos will also be supplemental to his Book?! (the book isn’t out yet, but I’ll pick it up as I know how valuable it will be!)

      VMware - vSphere 4 Implementation

      So, I highly encourage you to check this out, if you’re familiar with ESX and haven’t touched on vSphere yet, if you’re a master of VMware and want some good insight and value, and most importantly, even if you’ve never touched VMware, or virtualization before – You’ll get a –lot- out of this! So check it out, this is some of the best content you can pay for – and it’s free!

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      VMware vSphere chargebacks with Business View by @Veeam

      July 7th, 2009

      Wow that’s a lot of V’s! But seriously! Chargebacks?! Are you serious?! But I wanted to create complicated scripts which really didn’t work and force me to do so much more work than I should! How daaaaaaare you make my life and job easier!

      But yes, seriously, allow me to introduce “Business View” from Veeam!

      While there is so much you can possibly do! and I’ll show screen shots, you can go click on the links to find out more than just the chargebacks which is all I’ll talk about.. :)

      Define your chargeback model

      Together with Veeam Monitor and Veeam Reporter Enterprise that provide comprehensive resource utilization and allocation information, Business View gives you the flexibility to define a chargeback model the way you want. In addition, you can easily export the VM groups’ information to a Microsoft Excel document for reporting or integration with other chargeback, inventory, or billing systems.

      Veeam Business View Veeam Business View

      So I encourage you to check out Business View by Veeam, especially if managing your VMware investment is part of your job, and further trying to make it understandable to upper management :)

      Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Veeam, infact I think I’m a competitor? :)

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      I love @Veeam contest, vote, comment and win a flip?!

      June 16th, 2009

      So, the finalists are in for the contest I mentioned recently OMG! @Veeam backup supports restoring you to @VMWorld2009 to determine who will be voted on their way to attend VMWorld in San Francisco!

      I know I said I’d record a video, and yes I did actually record a video but because I wanted Gabe to win, I opted to not compete (Let’s just say.. I’m a pain in the ass competitor and had a strong chance of taking it from him and everyone else ;)) I may post my video later not for credit to win… but that’s not what we’re here to discuss!

      The contestants are in! And you have the opportunity to vote for the best! (Gabe) and comment to win a Flip Camera! (Hey, are you telling me, register, vote, comment = win?!)

      Then yes, that is exactly what I’m telling you!  Oh, and check out some really cool software which will help resolve a number of challenges in your infrastructure and virtual environment, that too.  Being that a Flip Camera is not the only free possibility, since they have the Free Veeam Monitor Free Veeam FastSCP and more!

      So be sure to go out there, vote for the best of the best! (That’d be Gabrie Van Zanten ;)), comment, and win a Flip Camera! (Check out the goods, make your life and job easier, win!)

      It’s all so very straight forward! And be sure to check out Gabe’s blog, it’ll be an investment you’re glad you made!

      I love Veeam

      So, just click the “I love Veeam” above, Vote, Comment and you could win a Flip!

      Disclaimer: I am not a shill, I have no affiliation with Gabe other than the best of respect for his contributions back into the community   Were I to compete with Gabe or anyone else on the team, I likely would have obliterated them as I tend to take things considerably too far, and have at my beck and call a series of video editors and production people. ;)  Just so you don’t think this is biased, he deserves to win :)

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