Career Express Day 4 Bok Technical High School Philadelphia PA

May 5th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

This was an excellent follow-up after having visited the other school we visited that morning.

We we’re welcomed and greeted here as we arrived at Edward W. Bok Technical High School

The entry way.. I took this as we were leaving!

Bok Tech is is a pretty cool Technical School focused on training, educating and more.   One particular cool fact about this place, is the building is 8 stories tall (Whoa! 8 stories!) and has approximately 1000 students who attend here, (roughly half girls, half boys – How’s that for a school focused on providing an education with Technical education!)

Hardware repair image 1 Hardware repair image 2

They built this lab for hardware repair through donations, grants and ingenuity in order to provide an environment for education.  (Hey, if you want to donate to help their education and cause, let me know and I can get you in touch with them :))

One of the cool things about this particular technical high school is the fact that it not only is a Microsoft Information Technology Academy, with all the benefits which come with that; but these students are also able to leverage the DreamSpark program in order to further their education and provide access to certification that they otherwise would be challenged to do.    ITA’s like this tend to have an aim towards getting students Certified at around the same time they graduate HS.

Dana Calleja and Ken Rosen explain benefits of their ITA and DreamSpark Ken Rosen shares a story about how he grew up in Philadelphia and got to where he was today, including his passion for Training! :) Dana Calleja, Ken Rosen, and Elise Eckel share how they came to work at Microsoft Students deep in contemplative thought over the opportunities they've been made aware of available to them

One of the notable moments of this particular story, was how Elise shared her story of how she came to work with Technology as well as to work for Microsoft.   Her story was an inspirational one which spoke directly to women and girls of the world and the opportunities which await them.   It shared a deep insight into not only her character but also into the lives of others and how it’s important for you to take advantage of opportunities which present themselves but to also be cognizant of others and be supportive of their own efforts and pursuits.   

Take a page out of Elise’s book and be supportive of your peers, your sisters, your brothers and most importantly of yourself.    There are opportunities out there waiting and available for you to take advantage of, all it takes is for you to take the initiative to invest in yourself and especially to invest in your future.

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  • Eric Schreiber says:

    i attend bok and can say that is a very good school. i was in fact the one who put all them benches together along with my instructor, Mr. Grosso. I am graduating this year and i wish all my fellow seniors good luck in life. Thank you again Microsoft for the lovely visit and T-Shirt.

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