Career Express Day 3 Springhouse TechFest 2009

May 4th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)


Wow! Welcome to Exton, Pennsylvania! We drove tirelessly from Greensboro, NC all through the night to end up here in PA this amazing (rainy) day.    But What a day and what an event that lay before us as we arrived!   It started with a wonderful greeting in the rain!

@krosen shakes hands with Nadine Sievers @Krosen shakes hands with Resident MCT and MCTS in Project and Project Server Melanie Rosen

Ken Rosen shakes hands here with Nadine Sievers and Certified Trainer, MCT, MCTS Project server and Project, Melanie Rosen (Oh, did I mention Professional Photographer?! :))

Bruce Cooper starts off Springhouse TechFest 2009 View of the audience from where I was sitting, there was a whole other section of the room my camera couldn't get! Bruce Cooper starts off Springhouse TechFest 2009 to a full room. Full crowd on a Sunday!

The whole crowd was great, they all seemed eager to learn, and learn they did!   The day ended with the whole Springhouse team taking a photo in front of the bus in the rain, and many conversations and connections were had by all!

The Springhouse team!

I encourage you to check out Springhouse’s blog, and you can also follow them on Twitter @springhouseeduc and Facebook!

So, You notice I mentioned above that there were great conversations and learning to be had by all right? Well, allow me to share with you some insight of those conversations that I found

I was fortunate to get to know the type of character and culture which makes up not only the organization of Springhouse, but also how their mission around Education and Consulting is above all one of the best I’ve seen!   Their focus on full value solutions and ensuring that you are taken care of in the long run, whether consultatively or educationally is awe inspiring and not the type of behavior you see from other training organizations.

The relationship they have with their own internal staff has people coming back for more and more, and the things I heard about the types of training they offer and their educational guarantees left my speechless!

I definitely encourage you to check them out at their website, because these are seriously great folks and while they’re doing amazing things today, I know we can expect them to grow on that in the future.

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