Formatting Woes, Browsers ‘perspective’ and LiveWriter

September 3rd, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I fought off LiveWriter for quite some time.  I did.  But then I said "Well, if I can do proper aspect ratio and movability of images" then I’m sold.

And I am/was sold.  Except it’s not exactly what it says on the tin.   Because it depends upon the browser.

I just published this wonderful article on the amazing and legendary Molly Marlette, and then came "Browser testing"  End result looks like this:

This is how it SHOULD look:


This is also how it happened to render inside of IE (Imagine that: No problem here)

Well, FireFox had different ideas, and looks like this:


Worse still, in my active testing process, Google Chrome comes out looking like this:


When I would write up my stuff manually (hacking the HTML as I went) I didn’t run into these alignment and formatting issues! I call it Browser Shock!

If you were to ask the question "Which Browser is right? They’re all reading the same data" I agree.  Except IE is correct, because is the WYSIWYG how I created it, so I would hope the other browsers would respect that and not be so absolutely different :)

So, if you happen to read across browsers and notice that sometimes my posts look abysmal – I blame the browser (And I do try to clean it up to look good across them, but as you can… it’s not exactly the most "winning" battle)

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