Sitting on 20’s! (Google goes Chrome!)

September 2nd, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Welcome to the new Google Chrome!

If you read the rags, the blogs and all the references about chrome you’ll find it the godsend (beta) which you can expect it to be!

It’s not immune or invulnerable however.  There are a number of things which could certainly be improved, but on the surface it’s looking pretty good!


It renders fast, I can ctrl-click and open up all of my other windows I often load from my blog (such as the NetApp blogs) without it even blinking or causing any lag to the browser like I would normally experience with Firefox.

I connected to an SVG capable site and it immediately said "Adobe Install – OK?" and seconds later, my SVG content was working and operational.   It wasn’t working at 100% of how I would expect it to operate (hovering would not result in showing data, it wasn’t interactive) but I will commend it for actually WORKING!

In my recent post about suffering from click and stare, I mentioned that it’d be nice if the application would take my behaviors into account and store those as active preferences.   This has that very feature with "Most Visited" sites being there on the forefront of the applications front page – Hat’s off!

Show my Password feature!   Close the door to obfuscation! It’s right there, "you want to see your password for this site? I will show you!" that is so much nicer than having to download Cain and Abel and have it extract it out! (Winning feature!)

Works with Oracle! I haven’t tested out SAP yet, but hey at least my Oracle works!

I’m sure there is much more to say in the Pro category, but my battery is going to die soon, so I’ll opt to cover the con’s :)

Whoa, hey – wait! It works with Sharepoint, whereas FireFox doesn’t?!?





Chrome is taking a fair amount of memory, but I’m using it like the person who uses and abuses applications so that isn’t too terrible.




Tab Management:

If you happen to exceed roughly 25 tabs, it gets a bit unmanageable as you try to click and move between them.


This accounts for roughly 25 tabs.. not a bad deal I can still "work with it"

But once you get beyond that point… it gets hard to work with.


Moving between them is awkward and difficult.  It seems to lack the firefox or IE feature of clicking a single tab and using the arrow keys to move between them.   However I must add that closing them continuously does work fairly smoothly (so props on that!)

Search Applications:

It lacks a separating "Search" window which benefits those of who have internal applications written to search a separate database or dataset, or access other internalized systems.

I’m sure this feature itself will clean up or similar integration will happen, but I don’t see it yet.


…Lively doesn’t work!


I’ll continue to give this app a try, the full gamut – hack it, crash it, burn it to death :)

I do like the fact that it does work with Oracle ;)

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