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Win a voucher for a FREE Microsoft Certification Exam!

April 6th, 2010

That’s right! I have a few vouchers available.. and at this time, I’m giving up one of these free vouchers to one of you fortunate souls!

What do you need to win? Comment on this blog post – that’s it! That doesn’t take much! Oh, preferably.. comment on how you’d go about using it – As far as I’m aware.. this voucher is good for ANY country, so I’d love to hear whatever your story is, of how this voucher will benefit you, your life and your career! or.. whatever!

So, simply comment away, and WIN! – It’s literally THAT easy – do your best to share this among the community and with others, because this won’t be the first voucher I give away and I love champions of the cause!   I’ll give out the free voucher.. lets say…the week or April 19th.   

And, not that this will help your cause (Although, it won’t hurt it ;))

I’m still looking for donations to help me in supporting children with disabilities – as I run the Boston Marathon on their behalf 2 weeks from today! So, please support me if you can

Please help sponsor me on behalf of children with Disabilities

As seen in this blog post: Putting my life on the line to improve another’s – Please RT and donate

Thanks, and good luck on the vouchers! If I’m able to meet my goal of $2500, I’ll immediately offer up one more FREE voucher for give away!   Thanks!

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Getting Microsoft Certified in the United Arab Emirates!

July 31st, 2009

I’m sure you’ve seen my ever so recently posted Microsoft Certification and MeasureUp Discounts 20% off Certs! which talks about how you can get 20% off on Microsoft Certification exams! Cool, right?

Well, there is one misfortune of Safari and it’s ability to actually recognize that I selected ‘u’ and scrolled down to United States – End result? I’ve generated a WHOLE bunch of vouchers for the United Arab Emirates! So if you’re in the United Arab Emirates and are looking for Microsoft Exam Certification discounts (The UAE discount is 10% off) but that’s better than full price!

Let me know and I’ll get you vouchers, and then we all win as you test and pay less!

So, Microsoft certifiers in the UAE! Come on down, let me know! email, comment, message on twitter, whichever! :)

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$25 Certification Exam – Expires June 30th, 2009! (NA Only)

May 19th, 2009

Here is the mail I will be sending to the folks who I send vouchers to.. :)

Microsoft Learning (and I:))  are pleased to offer an exclusive discount on your Microsoft Certification exam

Use the discount code below and pay only $25USD for your Microsoft Certification exam

To register for your exam visit: This offer is only good until June 30th, 2009 so be sure to act quick on this!

These exams have “Second Shot” built in, meaning if for whatever reason you do not pass the first time, you can use the same voucher for your second time at $0 cost.

If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to use the voucher you’re given, let me know immediately so it can be recycled to someone else who can use it!

Your voucher code is: VoucherCodeHere!

If you need any help finding resources to study, train and prepare for your exam, let me know and I can help you get access to those resources.



Christopher Kusek, CISSP
Technology Evangelist, Consultant

630.362.1320 Mobile
Use 50% Less Storage with NetApp

P Please consider the environment before printing this message.


Yea, so this is the ‘format’ for the emails I’ll be sending… for what it’s worth :)

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