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What’s new in Zynga’s Mafia Wars

April 11th, 2009

Extra! Extra! New Post! – Zynga Mafia Wars – How to win a fight, best weapons, armor and vehicles

So, by now some of you may have noticed some cool new features, enhanced gifting, asking mafia members for help, etc.   So here are some of those items broken down a bit!


Helping your family out! This is a cool feature.  From what I can tell – you publish your need to help complete a job, and all they need to do is click on it and wondrous things can happen, both for you and the person clicking on it!


It doesn’t require you to use up any of your energy or anything, you just earn experience and money for clicking on something, effectively helping out your community!

That said, there is a lot of value to be derived both for you in completing the job, the mafia member you’re helping, and Zynga from a viral spread into the community perspective, so a tip of the hat to them for introducing this :)

In the realm of Gifting, I’m sure we’ve all seen this lovely new icon:


Yes, it is the little package, and yes I have a lot of horses :) Though that said, I’ll publish a list of what outstanding items I have that I’m glad to give away if anyone is in need :)

Also, here is a breakdown of the Loot and the bonus you get from them

If you happen to have pictures of the missing bonuses (and the missing bonuses) let me know!  Or if I’m missing anything in general :)

  Collection Bonus
image Diamond Flush Collection +1 energy
image Heart Flush Collection ???
image Sculptures Collection +3 defense
image Poker Chips Collection +2 Attack
image Club Flush Collection ???
image Cigars Collection +2 Energy
image Spade Flush Collection +2 stamina
image Rings Collection +5 Defense
image Ties Collection +6 defense
image Paintings Collection +6 Energy
image Cufflinks Collection +10 Health
image Great Race Horse Collection +7 Energy

And what is the greatest addition to gifting? You can now gift items you win from doing jobs! Items such as Blackmail Photos, Computer Set-Up’s, and the ever elusive Untraceable Cellphone (A day doesn’t go by where I don’t get a request for those, as I use them all up myself too :))

If you’re looking for other information on Mafia wars, check out my other post :)

And as always, feel free to add me on Facebook, Mafia Wars, and on Twitter :)

Extra! Extra! New Post! – Zynga Mafia Wars – How to win a fight, best weapons, armor and vehicles

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