Career Express Day 4 Water Ice, Birthdays and Brian’s oh my!

May 5th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

No trip to Philly is a real trip without stopping and getting some Water Ice!

Stopped at Rita's for Water Ice! Is it a sign of the apocalypse when Cthulu herself enjoys Water Ice?

Okay, let the record show: Before I got on this bus, I had never been to Philadelphia, and I also had never heard of Water Ice.   This was entirely a foreign concept to me.   An explanation of it provided me with a great number of Midwestern solutions which were very much not named Water Ice, but it was a great stop, a great visit and a great lemon water ice to be had!

A Liberty Cake! In Lieu of editing Liberties face for the Psycho Protection Program, I opt'd for this blurred photo :)

If you know the level of coordination and organization which went into concealing Liberty’s birthday from her, well she doesn’t know but it was pretty significant in order to make everything work out in the ways we had needed to, and an organic plan it was as we cannot predict Liberty’s behavior :)  Oh, and Happy Birthday Liberty! :)

Welcome Brian Prince!

And last but not least! Welcome Brian on to the bus! He joined us a little after midnight and will be a fixture on the bus for a bit of our journey!  I’m sure you’ll hear more about Brian as the days progress, but that is it for the extra-curriculars of Day 4!

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