Erk, Who is on Twitter again? (Consolidated lists!)

February 23rd, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Every now and then the discussion comes up “Where do I find ‘x’ people on twitter?”  I usually resort to random google searches, sometimes finding what I’m looking for, sometimes not quite so much!  So here is my repository for you, me and my cat to find people easier.

NetApp Folks are Twittering!

Storage Folks Are Twittering

Virtual Twits including a script which will auto-add them for you!

PowerShell Twitterers, including a script which will auto-add them for you!

C Level Tweeters

December: Newspapers that use Twitter (Thousands of accts on Twitter!)

60 New York Times profiles on Twitter

UK journalists on Twitter

USGovernment on Twitter

Hunger Twitterers

And that’s all I have for a repository right now – if you have a list which should be added here, or you think I should include some specific grouping, make it known :)

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