This is the spirit of giving! Get your Vista on?! Free Giveaways!

November 28th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

This question gets asked by a lot of people “ooh! Windows7 or Vista! What should I do?!?”

I won’t be the one to make that decision for you.  Infact, I’ll make it harder for you :)

In the season and the spirit of giving, and finally getting around to doing this (I’ve planned to do this for awhile) I’m giving away to a random and wanting participant one or more of the following!

I’ve had these sitting on my bookshelf for some time, and have been meaning to give them away! Will you get them? Do you want them? If you’re located in Chicago-land I could definitely drop them off, but if you’re in Egypt, Italy, Russia or Mumbai I’ll gladly ship them to you.

    Retail Amazon
3vistas Windows Vista Resource Kit

Windows Vista Administrator’s Pocket Consultant

Windows Vista Ultimate







    $485.93 $279.81
  Your Cost:   $0.00!

What’s the catch?

I encourage you in the spirit of giving to tell your friends and your friends-friends.  I get my hands on stuff like this all the time and when I don’t give it away at events while talking to people about Technology, It ends up back on my shelf ready for me to give away!

Please do comment on this, comment on here, retweet this on Twitter as well! :)

The more people who are interested and involved, the happily I’ll be that this is going to a good home(s).  (I only have one of each of these at the moment, but if the interest is there, I have a whole closet of other goods, software included!)

Please comment! Please retweet, Digg, Stumblr, etc. Add me @cxi on Twitter too! (Only comments on the blog count though! :))

Every comment, link back, blog post, twitter follow, retweet, digg, etc will give you an entry into the drawing!

Thanks and a happy thanksgiving and other festiveness to all!

(All those certification bound, be sure to check out the Free Testing Archive for free Certs!)

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  • Heck, I’ll comment!

    You didn’t mention when comments would be closed, or when the “giveaway” would be over…

    With any luck, now would be a good time to close them! LOL

    Thanks for the opportunity, and if you like ROCK and ROLL, have a listen to my little bitty Blip.FM radio station, at

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave

  • Great question Dave! I was planning on letting it go a week or so! Weekends can be harsh! Especially Holiday weekends!

  • wow – that is really generous of you. tis the season! :-)

  • Happy holidays to you and the family!

  • Napoli

    Thank you for some great prizes!

  • Michelle

    Great prizes! Count me in, I’m willing, but a bit fearful, of getting my Vista on!

  • Michelle

    I added and tweeted.

  • Gavin

    The jury is out on Vista for me – But I’m always open minded about these things – don’t knock it til you tried it!

  • Chris,

    Awesome stuff! definitely interested in Vista as it’s something that my sister-in-law wants and she doesn’t have much $$$.

    thanks for doing this!


    Dave Graham

  • I’m adding a reply, but I already follow you on twitter :). I have a question which I’ll be asking you shortly….

  • Cool… spreading the word…

    And… I conveniently live in the South Loop.

  • Carolyn G

    Thanks for the contest. It rocks!

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  • ed

    w00, missie!!

  • Alright, Comments are effectively closed at this point! Now time to get the random generator to pick the winner! Thanks for everyone for playing!

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