OMG! EMC World Early Bird Discount with Gift (Until 2MAR2015)

November 24th, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

EMC World 2014 Hero Image

Wow, wait a minute, whoa, wait, what? It’s not even December yet, heck it’s not even 2015 yet! Yep. You’re quite correct. But between you and I… It’s good to know that EMC World Early Bird discount is available not only now, but until March 2nd, which means you can sit on this awhile without any major rush. :)

EMC World will (of course) be in Las Vegas again this year, May 4th through May 7th.  There’ll be other benefits we’ll announce as we get closer, like free certification, what kind of magical announcements we can ‘expect’, and who knows what else. But for now… we gotta be the early bird getting the proverbial worm so to speak.

Early Bird Gifts:

  • GoPro Hero 3 (White Edition)
  • Sonos Play 1
  • PowerBeats Wireless Headphones
  • “Complimentary” Guest pass to the Wednesday evening event.

I mean some of those gifts sound interesting, the GoPro in particular seems nice. The other ones, eh, I don’t know how  I feel about it… But hey, they’re yours to “choose” from, so to speak :)

Convince Your Boss

If you happen to be hankering to attend but aren’t sure how to make it happen, they have their standard “Convince your Boss” model, whereby you can help well, convince your boss! :)

So get out there and register… you have like 100 days or something to make it happen! :)

Oh… and I’ll see you at EMC World ;)

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