Jeremy Burton put’s the Marketing into EMC – rebranding the M!

March 15th, 2010
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

If you’re on the internet (Yes, I still read my blogs via fax) you likely have heard that Jeremy Burton has just been announced as EMC’s new CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

So, a hearty Welcome Jeremy is in order, but what does this mean for the organization?

EMC up until this point has not had an emphasis on marketing, however in Jeremy’s role he’ll be reporting directly to Joe Tucci, and in Joe’s words on Jeremy’s joining:

“EMC has the people, vision, technologies, and partnerships to lead what we believe will be the most significant wave of change and opportunity the IT industry has ever seen – cloud computing.  Jeremy’s deep software industry experience and marketing leadership credentials provide a strong complement to our executive leadership team.  We look forward to the contribution he can make in helping us extend EMC’s presence and relevance on the world stage, in building and guiding our global reputation and brand, and in further enabling the success of our sales teams and partner ecosystem.”

So it sounds like not only is this role ready to be fulfilled, but I’m sure the inbox is filling with opportunity for ways to take EMC from a shining star to the appropriate Super Nova of industry it has been exhibited itself out to be.  

You’re fresh in to the hot seat Jeremy, though you’ve been served up a smoldering hot hand.    With opportunities abound I look forward to how you help drive our success forward even further.  Welcome Jeremy, You couldn’t find yourself in a better place, at a better time, I know we certainly have the right person.

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