How to Vote (for me?;)) on RedEye Vibin

December 15th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

So, there has been a lot of controversy by people on how do you actually get to vote when trying to vote for people in the RedEye Vibin Bachelor/Bachelorette contests.

Hopefully this little tutorial will give you the basics you need in order to vote! (And if I’m still in this contest at the time you read this, a vote for me ;))

First step is to Find the contest in question – My contest is accessed via this URL  Hello Bachelors! Voting is now open

You’ll see something looking like this: Bachelor Profile! And once you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see this which tells you how to vote, yet obscured by other text on the screen! Leave a vote for your favorite bachelor in the comments…Leave a vote for your favorite bachelor in the comments...

So, it seems pretty straightforwardish now – I simply need to comment, right?! Well, that requires me to log in via Twitter, Facebook or ChicagoNow!

Leave A Comment?

So, if you want to login via each of the services you’ll get different options

Clicking on Twitter gives you: ChicagoNOW on Twitter! Enter your credentials and it grants you the ability to comment using Twitter as your auth!

Clicking on Facebook is mostly a wash – Connect with Facebook comes up fine! but after putting in creds I get Error while loading page from RedEye FAIL!

Leaving your only other option to be “Create an account” Create an Account

I’m not opposed to the create an account function (okay, seriously I really am.. At that point, I’d rather you create a twitter acct ;))

So, once you’re finally logged in, scroll down to the “Leave a Comment” box Leave a Comment and say something like “I love you christopher!” or whatever ;)

And there you go then! You aren’t the first to hit challenges while trying to vote, and may not be the least! so until then… here are the tools you need to vote!

So get out there, vote early and vote often (Hey, that’s a chicago thing!)  And if you’re looking to vote for me, I appreciate the vote!

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