I’m coming to Massachusetts Nov 8 – Nov 13th! (Schedule)

November 5th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I couldn’t think of a better way to publish my schedule… so I’ve instead opted for this blog post!

I think I’m gonna be hardpressed to find time to step out of everything going on, but I’ll see what kind of flexibility exists!

The official “Agenda” which was delivered to me stated this:

Times: M & W 8-5pm; Tu 8am-9pm; Th 8-6pm; F 8-2pm

Considering I’ll be shuttled to the Airport at noon on Friday, not much chance to do things then.   And as far as the other days.. here is my “unofficial” agenda I came across… :)

Sunday, Nov 8th – 6-7 Dinner, 7-930 “Storage Basics” class – So unless we’re doing something on a Sunday evening after 10!? Though if you want, I can bail on the Storage basics class and be available after 7PM on Sunday!

Monday, Nov 9th – 8-5 Training, 530 Bus to Boston, 6-7 Dinner (And I imagine a bus back? so this evening looks kind of set in stone a bit, not sure how flexible!)

Tuesday, Nov 10th -  8-4 Training, 4-??? Other Training (By the looks of above, it claims I’m busy until 9PM!? So that may be true…)

Wednesday, Nov 11th – 8-5 Training, 6-7 Dinner, and Evening is more training, so again, not sure if this is a possible day – but one thing to note: Franklin Facility Tour in the morning, and EBC tour as well!

Thursday, Nov 12th – 8-6 Training, 6-7 Dinner, and then it talks of “Evening” for some more training, so another unknown

Friday, Nov 13th – 8-2 Solid, and then off to airport – Again, too many unknowns..

If you have any suggestions or experience in the areas of the training I’ll be attending as to knowing when things will normally run to, and the liklihood of dinner or otherwise, I’m open to finding that out, else I may be out there – in the area, but no chance to actually meet/see any of you!@?

Either way, here is my schedule, published and available! :)

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