Career Express Day 7 TrekWars? Err, Star Trek Outing!

May 9th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

You ever try to take pictures in a dark theatre with an iphone? Well, if you do, you end up with photos which look like these!   For what it is worth, here it is in its form :)

Liberty didn't come out at all! Tjeerd cannot look me in the eyes! Self-shot..!

Here is the best I could get in a low-light condition shot of all of us as we sat there in the theatre waiting for TrekWars to start!   Liberty didn’t come out at all, the sinister Psychometrician that she is, but I did get decent shots of the team who attended the  movie, and an obvious “I need a haircut” shot of myself!   The movie was good, was attended by many in the theatre and all around just another portion of our adventure we headed out from there to sleep before driving down to Santa Fe!

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