Career Express Day 2 Springsteen Concert in Greensboro

May 3rd, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

What are the odds that Bruce Springsteen would be in Greensboro at the same time that the MSLearning Career Express bus is passing through? Apparently, those odds are so good, we had tickets for 8 of us to attend!

If you followed the tweets during that time, while I was actively watching and experiencing the concert, I was also interactively sharing the experience with everyone on twitter via @cxi :)

Great shot pre-concert of @danacalleja and @krosen Bruce takes to the Piano! One more (great) show of @danacalleja @krosen and @chrisrue made it in this shot! It's hard to make out, but @rnd105 can be seen in the background here behind us!

Bruce plays it up to us on the left side of the stage Bruce is so excited! Bruce reaches out - this is pure expression of community which just goes to show why his fans are so passionate!

What followed this, which rocked out the night after a totally rocking time, was playing Guitar Hero World Tour with 4 players in the back of the bus.  We were rocking it out on Bass and Guitar, Microphone and Drums, all while moving 60mph!

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