Microsoft Cloud has an Azureism

March 16th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

If a cloud falls from the sky and it is in pre-release tech preview, will anyone notice?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding Yes.

(Repost from Microsoft Cloud has an Azureism)

This past weekend, the Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform “Windows Azure” appeared to have gotten caught up in the currents of a storm.  And like many storms, it’s not understood what happened, why it was down and after 22 hours was able to be recovered from.    Not exactly the feeling that many within the Cloud community are feeling as a great success, though in Microsoft’s defense – they are in Pre-Tech Preview, and while there is no worse time for something like this to happen; it is equally no better time as it’s not a fully released “product” yet.

Fortunately during this situation there was complete transparency of what was going on communicated by Steve Marx.

This is a very sore point for Microsofties with the MIX conference this week, but nonetheless this is indicative of past Microsoft Performance, so it is not as if it brings any shock or feelings of strangeness.   For anyone with a history of solid Microsoft Performance, it tends to involve pretty severe hiccups before settling into a hearty solid nesting period where it’s hard to penetrate or get an upper hand on it.

For those not familiar with the Microsoft Azure Services Platform, here is a breakdown:

Azure Services Platform

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