Twitter’s proposed limits could be the death of Twitter

January 21st, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

You ever watch a snowball fall down a hill?

As it collects more snow, it gets bigger it collects more snow and moves faster, and as it moves faster, it collects more snow and gets even bigger.

This is the twitter (and frankly every successful explosive growth resource in the past 2000 years) growth and scale-out model.

Now, imagine for a moment that a snowball had a limited amount of snow it was allowed to collect at a limited speed.   It would continue to grow at a linear rate, linear speed and quite frankly might even stop or MELT at the pace it was moving.   That’s not scale-out, that’s called a collapse and melt methodology.

This not only stifles innovation and integration, but it out right cripples an entire community working at growing at hockey-stick sized projections.   The kind of partner ecosystem which promotes growth and self-innovation is what has brought us ultra-successful business models (take Microsoft for example, heard of them?)

However, what it appears they’re taking in this ultra-conservative approach, with little action on raising the bar will go the route of eBay tactics where the community finds itself hands bound and tied, unable to help grow and scale the business, eventually leaving for other opportunities because this ship has sailed, and sadly sunk.

Check out the Social Too entry on this and perhaps Twitter might do something to stop itself from chopping its own head off.

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