FireFox3 and YouTube 2 second playback problem

August 31st, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I don’t know if you experienced this problem but I certainly did.

Numerous searches turned up random and contradictory help "Upgrade this! Uninstall that! reboot reboot reboot!"

Err… Yea, I’ll opt for not doing that.

Real simple – Disable, Re-Enable and Refresh – Nothing special required!

And a simple walk-thru



Within FireFox go to Tools

Then select Add-ons









Then find your "Shockwave Flash" plugin

Click "Disable"




Then click on "Enable"

And open up your YouTube displaying page, refresh and you’ll find your video will suddenly start working!



This has been tested to work on FF3 on both XP as well as Vista – So good luck!

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