Sweet! NetApp VMware ESX Host Utility Kit 5.0R1 + mbrscan!

January 28th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Sweet! Yea, you heard me, sweet!

The VMware ESX Host Utility Kit v5.0R1 was just released! Hooray!

And one of the coolest parts of it – mbrscan!

mbrscan – interrogates a disk file and reports on the primary partitions’ alignment

For those of you who haven’t used mbrscan, you can use it to check the alignment of your vm’s in order to determine if they’re properly aligned on disk.  I’ve done it on countless vm’s with great success.

The even greater success will come about when you use mrbalign which I hope to see get approved and added to the HUK sometime in the near future! (Though if you want/need access to mbralign, which actually –aligns- your vm’s for you – contact your local Sales/PS org :))

No, that wasn’t a pitch, that was merely a factual statement, it’s a sweet tool though! I used that to align my VM’s I run on VMware fusion :)

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