Census 2010 is filling my mailbox – Does this ring of spam?

March 19th, 2010
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I promised myself I wouldn’t write something on the Census.. this is after I initially silently complained about the LETTER I received informing me that the Census is coming soon. (Although I did do some pretty extensive searching on the cost of Permit G-58 items, and what the likely cost to us for that single mailing was)

And then I got the actual census, riddled with inaccuracies and insanity – I’m sure if I mail in my Census now.. it’ll be invalid since it speaks about “April 1 2010” as the date I get to choose who ‘lives’ here.   But even that… I simply tweeted and vocally complained.. but I didn’t actually go so far as to write this post.

However, I can remain silent no longer.   … Why you might ask?


I received this in the mail today.

Seriously? Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY FRANCINE?!  WTF IS THIS?!@?

That’s right.   Not only did I receive one piece of post which effectively said “Save the date”, and then I received “the date” and now I’m given… not a tutorial.. not anything which WASN’T disclosed in previous mailings… No.  I’m not even sure WTF this is about and why my tax dollars and TREES, screw the tax dollars, my frakking TREES are going to waste for this utter BS. (Yes, first time I’ve ever used the acronym BS)

I totally get that you need to do this Census.  I’m willing to let it slide that in the year 2010. What’s that? the Year twoooooooo thousand and ten.. you don’t have a DIGITAL option, yet all of your forms you mail are effectively keyed to individual.. but no, I get that.   But do you seriously need to SPAM my frakking home mailbox? Destroy millions of trees? Make me write stupid blog posts?

So what will come next? Can I expect to receive a swimsuit catalog of the Census?   Will there be a “Best of the Census”, or a continuous revisiting of this experience again?   I hope I don’t see YET another mailing to come on this same topic, but we’ll see…

I’m not sure what the cost of this is to the tax payers (hey, that’s me!) but I thought TWO mailings was a bit severe.  Three is downright idiotic.

Though for what it’s worth… I’d love to hear if you agree, or disagree even, especially disagree! 

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  • Postcards are cheaper than workers. Every form that doesn't get filled out becomes a job for a worker called an enumerator.
    I did feel strange reading that question about a future date but phrased in the past tense. But I got over it.

  • jwats01

    I have to agree. I'm amazed at the amount of money being spent (and to me, resources wasted – trees, postage, etc) on this census.

    Is it really necessary?

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