MCP Resources? Secret Squirrel Private Search Database?!

January 15th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Were you aware, that a number of options have been made available to MCP’s?
And these features have been available for several months now!
I missed the window as they introduced this in October, as I was very busy during October!
But that doesn’t change them being viable now!

One specific and most applicable to others:
Partner-Level Knowledge Base available to any MCP!

!If that’s not a OMFG moment!

Partner-Level Knowledge Base (MCP only)
Search a more comprehensive version of the Microsoft Product Support Knowledge Base than what is available to the general public.

Books from Microsoft Press (MCP only)
Read before you buy. Each month you will find sample chapters from the previous month’s book releases.

Career Center (MCP only)
Powered by, the MCP Career Center gives employers an ideal place to find top technical talent by browsing resumés and posting job openings.

Interviewing and Hiring Microsoft Certified Candidates (MCP only)
This page provides information you need to know when you interview candidates who have Microsoft Certified Professional credentials. Find out how to gain valuable insight into a candidate’s skill set by asking targeted questions about certification.

MCP Resource Center (MCP only)
This library of resources offers links to information on featured Microsoft products and technologies.


Partner Level Knowledge Base:

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