Free second chance to pass Microsoft Exams! (Officially Expired)

February 19th, 2006
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Have you ever taken a Microsoft Exam, and failed and feh, now you need to spend more money to take it! Now with this. You can take it, and if you fail you get a free second chance to take it! If you go to the site listed at the bottom, it’ll register you for this or that and give you a coupon code to use when you register at Prometric or Vue. Now you can register to get the information… or not, and just use the Codes. This expires by June 30th, so if I had to take any random tests (Which I do) I’ll be doing it in this time frame!

Those Coupon codes are:

MCP Exams: 24FREE
Microsoft Dynamic Exams: MBS2S
~ Christopher Kusek

PS. If you’re going to be taking any Microsoft Exams (Or cisco, or whatever) Let me know, and perhaps I can help. I take and study for exams all the time, and find them considerably easy so I can break through the barriers of prevention. Let me know, and I just may be able to point you in the right direction to help guarantee your success!

IMPORTANT: These codes can be used if/when you fail an exam, you must CALL Prometric and give them the “24FREE” Code, and they will schedule your re-take free of charge. The number for Prometric is 800.755.EXAM (3926)

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