NetApp System Manager (NSM) 1.0 FCS Released! DOWNLOAD NOWZ!

April 17th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

NetApp® System Manager 1.0 – Download

Wow, seriously! The NSM (NetApp System Manager) is now available for public consumption! Yes that means you! The public!

Where do I get it? – Login to and scroll down in your downloads list and look for “System Manager” like I have shown below!


So, what are the really cool things you can do in the NSM? Let’s take a look!


Here is an look at what systems I am managing – Oh look! It paired my clusters, oh my! :)

Over on the right side, when you have your cluster selected you’ll see four sections, Properties, Performance, Notifications and Reminders



If you click on the little Arrows you will get taken into detail of that particular entry – So if I select the HA Pair, I’ll get more depth on the HA Pair – Etc! :)






Performance Graphs

I think this is pretty self-explanatory – But what is really cool is – Click the little Arrow and…!

Performance Numbers 

You get the same information, but in numbers instead of little graphs! So pretty cool!


Various notifications will appear here – in my case, it happens to be License notifications – This lab box has a couple of expired Eval Licenses – So now you’ll be able to see this at a glance!


And the last high-level point is Reminders! In this case, it would appear I have disks to assign!

Going back to the main cluster overview – You can also drill down into some depth on specific filers! Here are the main sections! Storage, Configuration, Diagnostics and A/A Config!


Each of these sections have some pretty cool things you can do, and are fairly straight forward

Storage Configuration Diagnostics

And lastly the Active/Active Settings!

Active/Active Settings

I’m not going to go into too much because you can find it yourself when you install the tool, but one thing I wanted to point out which is pretty cool is the Deduplication option! – If you click on Volumes you will be able to start Deduplication right there from the GUI!

Or from a Volume itself..

Deduplication on Volumes!

So, I won’t bore you too much on the details, but feel free to drill down, ask any questions, check out the NetApp Communities where this will be discussed and this blog and twitter! :)

Oh, and don’t forget to download it! :)

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