ZOMG NSM (NetApp System Manager) does snapshot size!

April 17th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Yea, I know I just wrote this post yesterday NetApp System Manager (NSM) 1.0 FCS Released! DOWNLOAD NOWZ! and my good friend Steve also released this on the NetApp Blogs:  NetApp System Manager 1.0

But while demoing this to some folks who hadn’t seen it before I noticed something I completely overlooked before!

Snapshot Sizes

To which I immediately stated “ZOMG! This is cool!” Seriously.  How often have you been in the scenario of wanting/needing to know how much space you’d reclaim from purging a snapshot – Now it’s even easier! ZOMG! WOOHOO! etc. :)

Not to mention there is this super cool Deduplication visual as well!

Deduplication Savings

The section on the left is “Before” deduplication, and the right is “After”

There is so much more in here that is so cool, but I had to call out these two things, because wow! Just Wow! That’s so cool!

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