How to mass unfollow or follow people on Twitter .. and more!

December 23rd, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Here is a new update to this post –

Please read this latest version of the best tool for this, viable as of Friday, August 20th, 2010

How to mass follow and unfollow on twitter FOR FREE?!?!?

Here is an update to this post – Be sure to check out this updated version for the >10k club!

How to mass follow and unfollow on twitter: over 10k club!

So you’re sitting there wondering “I wonder who is following me that I’m not following back!” or the more realistic question “Which of these folks that I’m following are not following me!”

Here is our good friend Friend or Follow!

It’s actually very simple to use.  Simply browse to their site, enter your name hit submit and you’re off!

imagePet the bunny! :) image

Then suddenly you’re brought to this wonderful page!



At that point, you can click on their names and decide if you want to continue following them or not.  It’s a useful way to see who it is that you are following who is not following you.   But the benefits don’t end there!







Simply by clicking on Fans, you’ll get a list of people who are following you, but YOU are not following back!

This happens to the best of us, or they’re spammers which haven’t been removed yet, in either case you can click on them and choose to follow or not!


Here is where it gets tricky.   Let’s say you chose to follow ‘x’ number of folks and they’re not reciprocating, and you decide “Alright, I’ve had enough of this!” I hear it more often than not.

Well, with Friend or Follow here, you can open up every page, perform your 3-4 clicks and remove them as friends.  Oh I forgot, I don’t have that kind of time and carpal tunnel, do you have another option?

Introducing Twitter Karma!



The security conscious folks abound will be concerned about using this as it does require you to enter your password (It will be performing calls on your behalf so that’s understandable that it needs credentials)


You need to be cautious when using this, if your API limit is close to being maxed as it may “appear” as though it’s not working.   Just try again in an hour if it’s not working as expected.

(Infact, merely connecting the first time is often enough to exceed your rate limit – Be warned)

Then simply change the “Show” field to “Only Following:”


Pop on down to the bottom and make your decision:



If you’re looking to drop everyone, do a “check all” and “Bulk Unfollow” and it’ll go through and unfollow them.

A bit of warning, this may take some time, so please be patient.  I find the best way to keep up on whether it is working (Because it goes into work mode the instant you click it: Would be to go to your twitter homepage, and watch the numbers increase/decrease appropriately.

One of the hardest parts for me to unfollow people is, I enjoy reading their conversations and interacting with them, regardless of whether they’re following me.  But Twitter Limits and other restrictions force you into these situations! :)

One of the nicest parts is it will show you when they “Last Updated” so you can feel better removing people who haven’t updated “Ever” or “not in a year” or so.

So remember, if you’re looking to mass follow, mass unfollow, or take any kind of mass actions (Or even just get a feeling of how unbalanced things may be)  – The two tools mentioned above will help you achieve that!

Be sure to be running the latest version of TweetDeck and Adobe Air also, just in general :)

And be sure to add me @cxi on Twitter and @cxi on 12seconds!

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  • Hey Chris,

    Thanks for showing me these great tools. I’ve been getting ever so close to that magical 2000 mark and then I won’t be able to follow anymore people until I get 2000 followers. I had no idea how I was going to get around this problem but with the use of Friend or Follow and Twitter Karma I should be able to get around this problem.

    Thanks again,
    Jeff Sargent

  • Thank you for this. I have been stuck at 2000 for quite a while on @SuccessCircuit!

  • Christopher,

    Thank you for the reviews.

    However, people should be warned that

    TwitterKarma is useless for bulk unfollowing if you have over 5,000 people following you back.

    (Unless some of the unfollowers are in your earliest 5,000 followers –
    none of mine were – so TwitterKarma could not show me anyone to unfollow!)

    I’ve written to the author, he was kind enough to write back – but apparently he has no plans to expand his service.

    By the way I follow every one who follows me.

    You are invited!

    Try clicking on my name above the date of this comment.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Jeff

  • Let me introduce another mass unfollow service:
    I’ve tested it on a huge accounts (like 5,500 followers and more then 7,000 followers) and i think it works.

  • Mitch

    Let me introduce another mass follow & unfollow service called You can watch the video on how it works at

  • Thanks for the info. Twitter Karma worked like a dream. Just what I was looking for. very easy to use.

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  • Lydia Blogg

    Thank you so much for this great information!

  • Flashtweet is definitely the way to go… once you reach 10k in combined followers/following it won’t work anymore for now at least.

    Thanks for the list.

  • Just to clarify that, I meant Twitter Karma doesn’t work at 10k+…

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  • Thanks heaps for this tip. Needed it pretty badly. However I seem to be having problems with Twitter Karma. Doesn’t seem to work on a consistent basis. Friend or Follow seems to be a good one. Cheers

  • Nice tips, just share my experience, i think twitter hate all auto follow and unfollow. But i love auto for my business

  • Jake

    Twitter Karma does not work anymore :(

  • I just used that one and it does work fine

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  • I love the tool “Mutuality”

    I use to to add lots of friends, and whoever does not follow me back, I just mass un-follow them with the tool. Check it out, it will be worth your time.

  • wow this was really worth googling for. now i am a fan of your site. keep the good advice coming and i will be here every day :)

    blessings from stockholm, sweden

  • is there a tool where you only input the twitter account, and then you’ll follow all their follower?

  • Carla – the tool you are looking for which allows you to target followers of another account, automatically followback those who follow you, etc, etc is called Tweet Adder.

  • JustMe

    Thanks. Exactly the information I needed. Amazing given I got to your blog from a natural GOOG search. Occassionally this search thing actually works.

  • Thanks for the info. I will check out the tools.

  • chrisdevine

    Twitter has made Twitter Karma remove the bulk un-follow option as of today.

  • tokyoluv

    Indeed, anyone came up with an alternative?

  • montford201

    Unfortunately Twitter Karma can no longer Bulk Unfollow

  • alphamares

    Anyone know why Twitter has stopped bulk apps. Hard to manage a large following w/o it. Any sites I don't know of? [like: Tweepular, Huitter] ~Thanks!

  • Yea, Twitter has decided to enstate a 'we're removing everyones ability to script unfollowing” including the ability to use the inline twitter 'unfollow' command, which means you MUST go to the webpage to unfollow.
    It's listed in their latest 'how to' which effectively strips our ability to 'automate' at times. They're trying to stop spammers, by… annoying the rest of the population ;)

  • As of this time, there is no alternative – I've looked into scripting calls against it but any method of 'automation' as of this point would likely violate the ToS and result in account termination.. so for the time being we wait until they 'restore access'…

  • They only got rid of bulk unfollow, bulk following options still exist ;)

  • Jeroen

    I visited the website. The guy sais I am not going to bore you with a sale pitch and then starts his borring sales pitch. Why didn't he tell me what his product is all about? Wonder if I should spend more time one this website

  • When you sign for “free instant access” you get an e-mail directing you to 6 videos which explain the program. I have a review on this here:

  • Rob

    Load your Twitter following list! http://www.TwitterLoader.Net

  • There are no tools now to mass unfollow now as Twitter put its foot down. But there is a workaround:

  • Garcia_Sweetness

    So Usinq Twitter Karma Does That Only Unfollow The People NOT Followinq You ?

  • Twitter Karma has a feature were you can veiw a list of people you follow but do not follow you, you can then individually unfollow them from that list.

  • BNC mass follow unfollow script is also a good php app –

    Thanks for sharing

  • I think the best tool for mass following is Twidium

  • karma

    follow people AT !!

  • Great tool but does Twitter penalize a mass follow or unfollow?

  • You should try this program

  • Abdullah12322
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