Why yes I’ll be a Delegate at Virtualization Field Day 4! #VFD4

December 15th, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Virtualization Field Day! #VFD4

Well, we knew this day would come and lo and behold it is finally here.  For those who don’t know Tech Field Day is an event which brings together Independent Industry Thought Leaders with IT Vendors with interesting, innovative or otherwise compelling products to discuss.   The Delegates are bloggers, speakers, writers, podcasters and otherwise those who have a social presence with great influence on the products and companies as perceived by IT Practitioners.

We never knew if I’d ever make it as a Delegate because one of the ‘rules’ since its inception is simply… You cannot be a vendor.   Well, with the exception of the past two years in Afghanistan (couldn’t get away to delegate, so to speak :)) I was as Vendor as you could get with NetApp and EMC.   So finally, It’s here! I’m not only officially a delegate but I’m officially back into the game of an independent thought leader… The kind who likes to take things to the EXTREME to understand them and ensure I’m providing the most accurate picture of whatever I am talking about!

What are the details for Virtualization Tech Field Day 4?!

This ought to be fun.  January 14th through the 16th in Austin, TX we will be going toe to toe with numerous vendors!


I’ll be honest… the capturing of these company images kind of sucks, but it is what it is. At least they’re clickable! <3

But the best part, next to the vendors themselves honestly, has to be the various Delegates. I mean c’mon these are rockstars in their own right and it’s not a companies product which is as valuable as the insight these Delegates offer.

Amit Panchal @AmitPanchal76 Technical IT Manager and blogger at apanchal.com.
Amy Manley @WyrdGirl 12 years in IT, vExpert and an automation junkie
Christopher Kusek @cxi CTO at @Xiologix – EVP of Engineering, Technology Evangelist, vExpert, EMC Elect, BDA, CISSP, MCT, Cloud, Ninja, Vegan, Single, Father, Cat, Humorist, Author
Emad Younis @Emad_Younis Emad is a datacenter enthusiast, 2 x vExpert, and blogger @ emadyounis.com.
James Green @JDGreen James is an independent blogger at www.virtadmin.com, a 2014 vExpert, and works as a virtualization consultant in the Midwest.
Jeff Wilson @Agnostic_Node1 Passionate yet disciplined virtualization & storage engineer in the SME market.
Julian Wood @Julian_Wood Julian is a London based enterprise infrasstructure architect and blogger.
Justin Warren @JPWarren Justin is a consultant and freelance journalist who enjoys coding in Python and words that are fun to say, like ‘llama’ and ‘shenanigans’.
Larry Smith @MrLESmithJr 19 yrs. in IT | 11 yrs. VMware virtualization | VMware NSX Nut
Marco Broeken @MBroeken Dutch Virtualization Admirer and DaaS Lover, Blogger at www.vClouds.nl
Matt Simmons @StandaloneSA Small Infrastructure IT Administrator in Academia
Mike Preston @MWPreston 3 x vExpert, blogger @ mwpreston.net and typical Canadian eh!


It will be a pretty busy schedule, but we’ll stay on top of it!


And of course a hearty thanks go out to the Event Staff who make this possible, the beautiful Stephen Foskett @SFoskett and the dashing Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd 

So check it out as I know you will, not to mention the deeply grueling and intensive times I know I’ll be giving the vendors because I’ve been one and I know what it’s like ;) And be sure to check out the numerous blogs coming!

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  • […] Why yes I’ll be a Delegate at Virtualization Field Day 4! #VFD4 […]

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