Win a Free Copy of VMware Workstation 9?! (and/or Fusion) Contests! (Ends Jan31)

January 10th, 2013
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Well hey everybody! WTF IS THIS? A CONTEST?! WHERE WERE YOU DURING XMAS!  Yea, yea I know.. well, The gift giving season has extended into 2013!

The other day after a re-install of my MacBook due to a memory failure which resulted in a drive corruption (Don’t even get me started!) I had to find my  handy dandy License Key card for VMware Fusion… Well, let’s just say that took a bit of time and hours before I was able to find my key, I came across this little gem!

IMG_2735 IMG_2736

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Wait a minute, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!? Yea, I know, right?! But here’s the thing. I don’t like to hoard stuff when those of you in the community can benefit from it and rock out your life in an epic way, I mean … It’s certainly not THIS…. But it’ll do donkey, it’ll do…


But seriously… I said something about CONTEST didn’t I? Okay, well here in pretty large and bold lettering….


So you want to win yourself a copy of VMware Workstation 9 and you’re all like “WTF DO i HAS TO DO?!?”  It’s actually pretty simple. I provide you two paths to contestdom!

Path #1

In the comments, write an example/story/whatever of something you are unable to virtualize and the reasons why.   Seems pretty straight forward.  

This is actually two-fold.  On the one hand, us in the community get a sense of what other challenges our peers are suffering through of things unable to virtualize and all of the pains associated.  But on the other hand, if we as the community have SOLUTIONS to your unvirtualizable scenario, then we ALL win.  Sounds excellent, right?   I particularly love finding solutions where there are apparently none, so I’m hoping you’ll all participate in this!

Path #2

In this path, I want you to tell me how you might go about actually using this license you will win.   Maybe it’ll change your life, maybe it will transform your career, maybe you’ve been too lazy to upgrade your previous version and this fills that niche, you know… Whatever.


Optionally, it’d be pretty awesome if you followed us on Twitter so as to stay up to date on whatever ridiculous banter we share, I suggest following a few twitter handles, which everyone prospers by this effort anyway, you can gain an extra ‘entry’ by doing it, but only do it if you really want to :)

  • @cxi (me) – Christopher Kusek on Twitter!
  • @nerdblurt – Luigi Danakos who you’ll find out a bit more about in a moment! Blogger at
  • @sixfootdad – Damian Karlson, dear friend and virtualization rockstar, and #vBrownbagger
  • @vDestination – Rockstar of a friend and blogger Greg Stuart, the movement behind
  • @davemhenry – Dave Henry – He’s the kind of guy in the virtualization community you should just know, and madman behind
  • @that1guynick – Nick Howell, rockstar, Datacenter Dude, NetAppian, all that jazz!
  • @h0bbel – Christian Mohn, Another rockstar who shows off his mad skills at 
    • THIS JUST IN! The rockstar Christian Mohn just mentioned seconds ago… is tossing ANOTHER Workstation license into the pile! +1



I know what you’re saying, “I don’t have a PC and don’t need Workstation! I have a MAC because I’m a MAC USER OMG MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC!. Yea I hear you, I’m writing this on LiveWriter (best blog writing tool in the world!) in my Win7 VM under Fusion… Hell, if I weren’t using the key for THIS instance, I’d be giving this away too.   But no. My dear friend Luigi, Nerdblurt mentioned above actually had his OWN CONTEST running, and when he saw I was going to give away a copy of Workstation, well, it was like a match made in heaven.  You know. But not in a creepy way. :)

So introducing the Blog post by Luigi:

VMware Fusion 5 Contest!

You need to check out his blog post for details on this, which I definitely encourage you to my fellow friendly fusionistas out there!  This is an amazing opportunity for a freeeeee license to kickstart your… well, whatever you’ll be kickstarting! I know my life changed when I got my first copy of VMware back in 97 or so, and what better way to take things to the next level today!

So good luck to all, I hope to see some awesome submissions, but most importantly… I wish you all good luck as I want all of you to walk away from this experience better for it.   Good Luck and stay virtual! (or some other lame tagline ;))

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  • Chad Ness says:

    I have a mainframe that run OpenVMS. Unfortunately, there is no production worthy way to virtualize OpenVMS – about the best you can do is run a Windows machine with an emulator on it that run OpenVMS.

  • So true Chad, extremely valid point regarding OpenVMS.   In most circumstances like that, unless we’re looking at a legacy app architecture which there is actual value in trying to ‘modernize’ it, then I might suggest going the direction of a vFabric kind of migration or app-rewrite in an environment like that, but I guess it’d help to understand what the use-case of the Mainframe environment is.    Though 99% of the time when we’re talking Mainframes the thought is, “Yea, let’s focus our attention on SOMETHING ELSE to virtualize because it just isn’t worth it!”

    Thanks for the comment, and entry into this glorious event!

  • Chad Ness says:

    That’s exactly my plan. We replaced our mainframe last year, but have plans to migrate from it to a Windows / SQL based business system (from the same company) when it’s available some time in the next couple of years. That’s soon enough where it’s not worth putting too much effort in to it.

  • OK, I’d give the copy to my son, @qlmaX5, for his next build. He runs Mac, Linux, and Windows, all on separate machines. He’s partitioned one of his Macs, so he can run Windows, too, but it craps out from time to time. I want him to learn VMware. He’s going to need one ferocious machine for when he goes off to college, because there won’t be room for the 10 that he has in his bedroom now. Believe me, I’ve seen the size of the college dorms. His gear won’t fit. FTW here’s one of his first builds, code named Project Guinea:

  • Right now Im not able to virtualize a server that hold a bussines core application, this app is in charge of all the financial and business processes and also use a Oracle 10 database. The main reason why I cant virtualize it is that the provider doesnt give support on virtual enviroments and also this happen with the Oracle database, we make many request of changes to the app so is neccesary to mantain a good relationship with app support. Thanks!

  • Chad Ness says:

    I figure I might as well post on the other path as well – maybe we can kick start some more entries! Last year I moved from a place I had almost completely virtualized to a company that had no virtualization, or even any server newer than a few years old. So, I’m in the process of virtualizing the infrastructure there. I’d use Workstation as my test bed to help with determining the best plans for deployment, and for having different consoles for running my different administrative environments. I’d also make good use of it as a tool for finally getting certified.

  • Excellent Camillo really great to hear this example.   So in this scenario, the provider explicitly claims that the App or Database cannot be virtualized? (I only ask because Oracle is fully supported to run in virtual environments/etc, which while a topic for this specific thread… I want to get all the details straight before we start off on the right path, ya know? :)

  • Harezzebra says:

    i chose path#2, b’coz i am surrounded by hardware that can be virtualized easily.with vmware workstation 9 license, i can unleash the power of some under utilized ESXi hosts using new features in workstation9.

  • Kev Johnson says:

    Path 2 for me…

    I made myself a promise (hell, a resolution!) that this would be the year I get some certifications. 12 years in the industry and not a cert to my name… A Workstation license would be *incredibly* useful – my home lab ESXi host just doesn’t have the grunt to run a full AD setup for Exchange, SQL Server and Systemcenter but my desktop is more like it. Once I’ve done a few Microsoft certs the intention is to use my newfound enthusiasm for self-development to get my employer to cough to put me through VCP so we have someone VMware certified to manage our environment (which is a tad messy at the moment). As you can probably see – this would make a pretty solid difference to my career.

    Added you to Twitter too :)

  • Kev, I will heartily welcome you to the world of Certification in the short-term and here’s to hoping you win one of the workstation licenses!
    On a similar note to your objective:goal, my next blog post will actually be RIGHT on target there.   I haven’t shared this in some time and it’s been in my queue to share (again) but imagine a world… with free access to every microsoft product in labs, with lab guides built and ready for you to play… all through a browser.

    I’ll share how to get to that among other things.   So there will be a lot of Microsoft centric stuff noted there, hopefully I’ll have some VMware material to share there as well.
    So even if things don’t work out with winning, you can still greatly benefit from the MASS amount of freeeeeeeee learning, access to information and all that jazz!

    Thanks for choosing the 2nd path Kev! :)

  • Dan Barr says:

    Well Christopher, despite our Twitter conversation the other night, I did think of something I couldn’t virtualize. At my previous job in insurance, we had a legacy policy management application whose document generation/printing mechanism was so inefficient that it creamed every CPU we threw at it, so it was too much of a “noisy neighbor” for virtualization. We were in process of migrating away from it to more modern architecture, but when I left a few months ago it was still going strong.

    As for the workstation license, when I left said job I left behind a pretty nice lab environment, and while I do not miss the job, I do miss that lab. Alas, my only self-owned copy of Workstation is version 6. A fresh license would certainly help with labs at home, and with hopefully going for VCP and beyond should I be able to get one of the prereq courses paid for.

    So do I get two entries for answering both options? :)

  • Kev Johnson says:

     Cheers Chris – the stuff you linked me to on Twitter on Friday was really useful. Still wouldn’t say no to a copy of Workstation, mind ;)

    Seriously though – I appreciate that I’m one of many, and there are no doubt more worthy cases posted here and I’m grateful for any and all pointers.

  • rhodenator says:

    Path 2: I am a VCP 4 and VCP 5 holder, but I received my VCP 5 license when VMware Workstation 8 was out. Since then, I’ve built a new PC for testing, Core i7-3770K, 32 GB RAM, SSD, etc… What am I missing? VMware Workstation 9! If I had VMware Workstation 9 I could slap some virtual NAS and ESXi hosts into Workstation 8 and start tinkering with ESXi/vCenter/other VMware products in my lab!! Oh please don’t make me go the other non-VMware route! :)

  • Geoff Raye says:

    On path #2:  I would use VMWare Workstation to learn something new!  I’ve still never done any virtual machines after lots of years of running Unix, and I’m due for picking up a new skill and toy.  I finally did RAID5 on Linux over the weekend.  Now I want to make virtual things!

  • G. Michael Bridge says:

    path2: upgrade my homelab from workstation 8 to workstation 9.

  • Hi Christopher,
    I choose Path #2.

    VMware Workstation 9 is a really good piece of software from VMware. I used it in my homelab since version 6 when I started my IT career.
    Since then I can’t even tell how  many VM’s I created.
    Thanks to VMware Worksation I passed a bunch of Microsoft exams as well VCP 410. Although virtualizing two ESX hosts on my home PC (Intel Quad Core Q9300, 8GB of RAM, 3x 320GB in Raid 0, plus separate datastore on SSD, running iSCSI using Starwind software) was bit of extreme but it worked like a charm.

    For me there was one limitation so far with VMware Workstation – Hyper-V hosts were not supported. Now I can easily prepare to bigger amount of Microsoft exams without need to install two Operating Systems on my PC (of course Hyper-V running on VMware Workstation is not so smart but for learning, testing and braking stuff is more than sufficient).

    If I will win VMware Workstation 9 I would redesign my lab to support Hyper-V hosts (just for fun of it) and as well I would finally test Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

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  • Were you looking for Fusion or Workstation in this scenario? :)

  • Kev Johnson says:

     Just wanted to say thanks to Chris for this opportunity, and a big thanks for the Workstation license. I’m building my virtual SAN over the weekend (on the NetApp VSA you pointed out) and should have my lab up and running in Workstation by the end of the week.

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