Iomega ix4-200d data reconstruction, ssh and more!

December 17th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

So for those of you who know me, you know I initially complained about a data reconstruction problem with my ix4-200d! I accidently pulled the power cable out (doh!) and then my system came up JUST fine, and said “Data reconstruction, 2%” Yea, it said that FOREVER – And it did nothing and got nowhere! Regardless of how many reboots I made! (Though my data access was fine!)

ix4-200d !

And even going to the “Update Device Software” tab, it always reported “The device software is up to date” Which I now know is a LIE! LIES I SAY! :)

I did a little searching and came across an updated firmware! (oh my!) however it didn’t say it’d do anything about data reconstruction problems! But hey, I always like to be running the latest/greatest, so I downloaded and installed the latest firmware! StorCenter ix4-200d Firmware Version Read First (You’ll find this to be quick and painless!)

Well, some minutes passed and all of a sudden the system was all “DATA RECONSTRUCTION IS HAPPENING IN THE HIZZY!” Okay, not in those exact words.. but I don’t feel like pulling my power to try to reproduce the problem – needless to say, my data reconstruction resumed and finished in short order! Score one for the bucko! (dated reference much?!)

So I deep dove into the system to see what else had changed! (nothing consequential that I could find) but my journey to find a way to ssh this box had not ended! I was determined! I must.. I must.. I must increase my SSH ability! And while searching I came across not only this webpage SSH/Shell access to iomega StorCenter ix2 but that little gem of a webpage included this little link at the bottom! http://ip-of-nas/support.html – Which when you browse to it on your ix4, you end up seeing a page which looks like… this!

Support Page to enable SSH on ix4-200d /support.html

This has a few little gems, only two of which will I look at in any detail – Support Access and Recover Disks

Support Access to enable SSH Storage Recovery Verification - Force Disk data reconstruction maybe?

Well, Support Access looks pretty damn straight forward! Check the box, reboot, and SSH will be enabled (permanently!)

The Storage Recovery Verification is a bit more interesting – my “guess” is that it allows you the ability to force the data reconstruction many of us complain of! Again, I have no intention of forcing the deal to try to see what happens if I fail my system – You simply let me know if this works for you – with data reconstruction woes :)

Getting Shell (ssh) access to the ix4-200d!

Sweet, eh! So, I feel comfortable sharing the process on how to do this.. because frankly, I had to find it from the outside looking in! So I definitely grant you good luck on solving your data reconstruction, firmware updating, and enabling SSH on your NAS!   Until I find an externally cited source though.. I cannot share with you my passwd I used to log in to my ix4 ;)

As promised!  Shell access to your ix2/ix4 exposed! “Get yer red hot ssh here!”

If you come across a site referencing it though, I’d be glad to add it to the mix!  Thanks for your patience.. and look forward to a future post around getting my ‘gigabit runs at 100mb’ problem :)

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  • Anderson

    Great tip!

    Which password did you used to login? Does this NASUser a default user?

    Many thanks!

  • Awesome post. This is going to help us out a lot.

  • duanec

    Well, my device is dead and no http, no ftp login, ssh is running but none of the uid/pass I created worked.
    I'd really like to see if I can get into this box and see what the problem is.

  • Marc

    I'm not sure I'm getting you … You obtained by some means the password to the root account of your NAS or one can access the ix2/ix4 with any admin account ? I can't access my ix2 with any account.
    Help appreciated !!!

  • etmmvdp

    I provided the little hem. Is there a way you can reveal how to find the username/passwordcombo?


  • Hey Duane, reach out to me offline – either via twitter @cxi or via email –

    I may have some options for you

  • As soon as I can find a public disclosure of the credentials (cited somewhere else) I cannot on good liberty share the userid/passwd.

  • Hey, shoot me an email if you could around this! ;)

  • Tuuan

    Great Article … altho I read it a bit to late … I changed the root password hash in my shadow file … don't know if this is related, but I can't get the ssh to start, although my webinterface says it's running in support mode, running a portscan doesn't show port 22 and the sftp port as openend …

    Any chance you can give me the content of your shadow file ??? or do you have any tips :)

    And yes … it was stupid not to make a backup of the shadow file … but I thought I did … but turned out that I made a backup of almost everything (ssh and samba related dirs/files) … but not the shadow file :)

    anyways, as I said … great article

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  • michaelduncan

    I can verify the “Storage Recovery Verification” does NOT fix a stuck “Data reconstruction, 2%” problem.

    When I went to Storage Recovery Verification” it told this only works on Storage Arrays in a failed state (or words to that effect).
    with ssh access I indeed checked the state of /proc/mdstat and confirmed the array had finished consistancy checks, but the nagging alert remained – until…

    If you look for a file called “sohoAlerts.xml” cat under /tmp you can remove the offending “cosmetic” alert.
    from memory it has an alert id of 102 but it will show an <arg> section with the percentage value of the stuck rebuild

    its basic xml so delete everything (including) between <Alert Id=”102″…> to </Alert>

    refresh the home or dashboard page and the alert should be gone.

    there is a working version of vi on the box :-)

  • Hilscher Matthias

    Thx very much! Worked great!
    the only problem i'm having, i can't sudo on the device. Any fix for that?
    I would like to install sabnzbd on my nas. to lock admin files. But i can't

    I hope someone has a solution for this problem

  • Syed Rabbul Nawaz

    I am trying to figure out how to add a crontab entry in the Iomega StoreCentre IX2. Adding a process using crontab -e command does not remain once the device is rebooted. Adding a process directly in /etc/crontab is not executing on the time specified. Can some one kindly recommend how I can schedule a process in this device.

  • Root

    The SSH root password is soho

  • Bichofeo

    I really need some help with my ix4-200d. Few days ago I noticed that the box was allowing me to browse my files but I could not open any of them. Went to look at it and the display was off, no response from the menu buttons or power button.
    I turned it of by pulling the plug and then I turned it back on.
    Came back saying that it was shutdown improperly and some reconstruction was needed – but the data was all there and available. Until now, all good.
    The morning after I check if the reconstruction ended and what I see is that the array is offline and the dashboard says there are 4 new disks with data that need to be overwritten to add them to a volume. OVERWRITTEN??!
    No way I'm doing it! I checked in the support.HTML page and there's the option to recover the volume, but it's not working – nothing happens. Looking at the log files seems that 2 disks are not available so no reconstruction possible – but the device spins up 4 drives (i can hear it) and shows 4 drives available.
    Until now the Iomega support has been “unsupportive” so I am wandering if anybody here has the same experience or a suggestion on how to proceed – priority of course is to recuperate my data…

    I did ssh'd to my box so anything you need me to run, I can – and the device fw is the last available one from Iomega support site.

  • Gsborn

    Did you solved the crontab problem ? If yes How to, because i like to make a cronjob for shutting down the storecenter.
    greetings from denmark

  • somebody

    I had a trouble with fullfilled ix4 disc space by automated backup script.

    After that ix4 was not working, file share was unavailable, web gui not possible to log with domain account, no way to connect it. SSH was not started before from WebGui and after a collapse not possible to start. So I decided to connect discs to linux desktop.
    (my firmware was

    You have to connect all four discs (otherwise raid synchonization troubles begin) with 4 sata cables and modify samba volume content to release some space.

    boot some linux live cd – for example ubuntu live
    open shell as root – ubuntu works with:
    sudo bash
    install raid and logical volume manager support:
    apt-get install mdadm
    apt-get install lvm2
    modprobe dm-mod
    vgchange -a y

    // I’m not sure, if this works without the VMFS supoort, I installed it before, you must download vmfs-tools …deb package from internet:
    dpkg -i vmfs-tools_0.2.1-1_i386.deb

    look at the recognized partitions:
    cat /proc/partitions

    I disconnected all desktop discs before this operation, so situation was:

    /dev/sd*1 are partitions for ix4 operating system, it’s almost 2GB reserved space.

    so you can now join the discs into one raid device named for.ex. /dev/md0:
    mdadm –assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdb2 /dev/sdc2 /dev/sdd2 –force

    now list the logical volumes:
    it listed me available logical volume group: md1_vg:
    lvdisplay /dev/md1_vg
    it listed me: md1_vg-md1vol1, so now you can prepare mount point for logical raid volume:
    mkdir /mnt/ix4volume

    and now you can test if it will works normally in readonly mode first:
    mount /dev/mapper/md1_vg-md1vol1 /mnt/ix4volume -o ro

    if you can see content of /mnt/ix4volume/
    especially ./samba folder
    you can see folder with the same name as the name of your share was

    if you can see it

    just umount /dev/mapper/md1_vg-md1vol1
    and mount it again in read write mode:
    mount /dev/mapper/md1_vg-md1vol1 /mnt/ix4volume

    avoid to modify other than samba/your_share_name folder !!!

    shutdown your linux desktop
    return discs back to ix4 and boot
    now it should work.

    (now 2.1.38 firmware is available, but I’m not sure if the bug is resolved.)

  • Roo

    Have you resolved this? I have cronjobs running using files in cron.d – just be aware that the syntax is slightly different than editing with crontab -e; you need a username (?root?) before the command.

  • MisterBombastic

    did you try to mod You ix4 to a MailServer? for Office internal Communication?

  • Denys

    crontab-e in this model is not working. has to be done anything? example 1 * * root / home / scripts /

  • What you’ve all been waiting for! My good friend Chris Colotti brings us:

    How To: Convert an Iomega IX4-200D to an IX4-200D “Cloud Edition” (by @ccolotti)

  • Kaygeear

    Hi, I am having the same problem. Did you manage to fix it? Please advise.

  • Bikram Singh

    HI the root password for ix4-200d is soho followed by youe web admin password….
    like if your user admin and ped password for web admin login tyhen ssh root password is sohopassword
    hope this helps
    bikram_singhy@yahoo:disqus .com

  • Anonymous Coward

    I know this is old, but I wanted to help any fellow Googlers experiencing the same issue.

    I found that the cron service was no longer running.  You can check this using ‘ps -el | grep cron’.  If nothing is listed, it is no longer running.

    To start the service, use ‘/etc/init.d/cron start’.  Use ‘ps -el | grep cron’ to confirm it is now running.

    I’m not sure what stopped it in the first place, but here’s hoping it won’t happen again.

  • Ben

    I’ve got a serious problem that I hope someone can help me with.

    My ix4 reported a drive failure. I had a drive of the same capacity, but not the exact same type, which I swapped in for the failed drive. It didn’t work, and reported that all 4 drives need overwrite confirmation. That is, it thinks all 4 drives are new. I swapped the faulty drive back in, but it is still saying that all drives are new and require overwrite confirmation.

    I can’t lose the data on these drives – it has 10 years of photos on it.

    I am fairly tech-savvy, so have installed PuTTY on my Windows PC to get SSH access, which works. 

    What I don’t know is what commands to use to either pull the files off the NAS onto a local drive, or to force the RAID reconstruction to go ahead regardless, and not overwrite the drives.

    Any help gratefully received.

  • Oliver

    I have got the same problem. Have you found a solution to your problem? If so, please let me know.

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