Career Express Day 7 Red Rocks Community College Lakewood CO

May 9th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Welcome to beautiful Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood Colorado!   What a campus and what a crowd!    We were greeted at the bus by the fine folks of RRCC and swag in hand (on cart) we headed off to set up!   This community college has a series of programs unknown in academia which are quite cool, including their 3d graphical/video program!

A mark in the landscape!Joey Snow Presents

I was outside trying to get a cell signal when I found this mark in the landscape! Fairly cool, it seems to have some honor association with regards to RRCC – Definitely something cool to check out! Joey Snow is

Elise Eckel presents on Certification The crowds! 

Elise Eckel talks about the value of certification to an interested crowd.   These students got a considerable amount of depth on everything they’d ever wanted to know about how Certification will impact their life and what else will be going forward.   Never before have they been given quite the level of insight into every aspect of Microsoft and Certification

Chris Rue gives his perspective (psst.. Joey Snow is smiling! ;) Tjeerd explains the MCITP Upgrade path to an RRCC person

We did something different at the end of the presentations that we hadn’t done before, and that was a group Q/A with the whole team put up in front of the students and faculty.   While there were a lot of questions regarding Windows 7, there were also questions covering certification and our own perspective on things.  

Following up the event, we were taken on a tour of Red Rock Community College, and shown the 3d Graphical room, where you don a pair of glasses and sit back to enjoy a visual journey of interactive learning and education.    The whole experience was a great one to appreciate and enjoy, and look forward to interacting with the great folks from Red Rock Community College again in the future!

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