Are you Certifiable? Details of the game EXPOSED!

April 3rd, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

This is the contest which is a pre-requisite to compete in the “Get On The Bus” contest!

Here is a basic walk-through of the game!


After using your Live login credentials, login and you’re ready to play!

You’ll be set to play and in my case, welcomed back showing your current achievements!


I’ll breakdown what each of these achievements are, what they mean and how to get them!

image Triple Threat:
Correctly answer 3 questions in a row
image Speed Demon:
Answer a question right in less than 5 seconds without using a voucher
image Voucher Saver:
Finish a whole episode with at least 5 vouchers left
image Socialite:
Have at least 10 people in your friends list
image Academic Achievement:
Answer a total of 25 questions correctly
image Intellectual Achievement:
Answer a total of 50 questions correctly
image Brainy Achievement:
Answer a total of 100 questions correctly
image Gifted Achievement:
Answer a total of 200 questions correctly
image Rookie Achievement:
Complete a full episode
image Newton Achievement:
Complete a full season
image Einstein Achievement:
Complete the entire IT Professional set of questions
image Turing Achievement:
Complete the entire IT Developer set of questions
image Certifiable Achievement:
Complete all of “ARE YOU CERTIFIABLE”
image Quick Draw:
You are answering questions at lightning speed
image Congratulations:
You have earned vouchers in all 3 mini games
image Congratulations:
You got 10 questions in a row correct

And you may notice that some of these are Greyed out – Seriously, how on earth you get “5 vouchers” in an episode, let alone having vouchers left is beyond me! The max I’ve gotten is 4 vouchers and that is with getting all answers correctly in 1 or less seconds! So I have NO idea what you do there!

Then you play the game, and you get a score like this! and you’re set for the contest!


Good luck out there, I encourage you to ACT NOW! Before Monday when the contest closes! If you have any questions let me know!

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