Happiness is a warm tweet (Happytweets)

December 24th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Are you a happy tweeter? How can you tell? HappyTweets is here to actually give you a ranking along with a color coded soothing feeling to the situation!

So, how does it work? It’s actually extremely simple!

Go to happytweets.com Type in your name and click “Get Happy!” It’s that easy!


So lets see, just how happy am I today?



Wow, would you look at that! I’m very Happy! Even with a nice pretty orange to show just how happy I am!

But not everyone is happy, and the colors certainly do change based upon the numeric ranking out there!




image image

image image

So, whether you’re feeling orange with excitement, or blue or grey and down in the dumps, this certainly can be a good indicator “Hey, wait a minute, apparently I’m being a real downer in tweeterville! Maybe I should spin it up a bit!”

This is more than a social experiment as Tim creator of this tool has intended it to be.

This actually serves as a “Social Service” because if you’re down, and the software says you are – Do something about it! Tweet a little happiness into your life and I’m sure you’ll find your attitude towards the world shift!   Think about everything you have to take for granted, like food or civil rights! :)

So, thanks @u2elan for bringing us this! Have a Happy Holidays, and a Happy Tweetlandia! :)

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  • It didn’t work but you still rock! String Beans for lunch

  • Tim

    Glad that you like it. :)

    I’ve got something even better coming soon that builds even more on this concept, so stay tuned. :)

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