More MSFP/AKU2 ROM Updates!!!

June 25th, 2006
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

MSFP Rom Updates!

Cingular 8125 MSFP (AKU2) Update.



Cingular 2125 MSFP (AKU2) Update.



Palm 700W MSFP (AKU2) Update as mentioned before – Here it is again.

General Verizon Palm Downloads:

Treo 700W Downloads (Including Sprite Backup):


And as far as the Motorola Q goes, everything I’ve seen to date seems to speculate a 4Q release of the AKU2 Update.

~Christopher Kusek

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  • alcorta says:

    i can not syncronized My treo 700w After placing norton antivirus program in my desk top computer.
    i need a telephone number looking for help

  • Mark says:

    Hey Chris,

    Saw your video and the photo page of your cool buzzcut for charity.

    I got to write—–what does it feel like to go from hair to a super
    short buzzcut like you got? I plan to do the same, not really for
    charity but for when I leave next month for Peace Corps Africa,
    I want a skinned clippercut haircut before I leave…what is it
    like to have such a short haircut? Feels odd or nude?

    By the way, where did your haircut take place?


  • Thanks Mark.
    It took place at “George’s Place”, which was referenced and linked off in the Charity kind of links.

    It feels just like.. having no hair, would tend to feel. :)


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