File System Directory Statistics!? WinDirStat is cool!

July 10th, 2006
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Who’d want that?!

Well, apparently I do, and so do many others!

WinDirStat is the “f0 shizzle” as though it were. Or maybe that’s just what the kids are saying!

This thing is absolutely cool! An Excellent way to get a real idea of how your data is allocated and equally allow you to manage that data once it is presented.

Best of all, instead of paying for a product which does something, or even if you’re just trying to profile your FileServers and ask the question of “How many AVI’s do I really have stored across this entire server” Bam, it’s all there for you! Also a good way to go, “Hmm, why is this persons home directory eating up a chunk of my drive!”


So, if you like the idea of free visual representations and access of your data structure without paying for some random third party product for it! Go get it here!

A list of uses of this product are as follows

  • See if the content on your file servers is work related (Lots of XLS, DOC, PPT good, lots of MP3, AVI and RAR bad!) – from a business sense. :)
  • Easily see who has the largest home directories and respectively if the data contained within it is valid to business requirements.
  • See if there is a buildup of non-essentials or data which should be moved off elsewhere (TMP, OST, PST, ISO)

Any other good suggestions for its uses would be great!

~Christopher Kusek

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