Twitter to Charge Companies! (Says Bloomberg and Truemors!)

November 13th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)


I guess that’s right! According to Truemors, Blogit and this article here at Bloomberg.

Twitter may charge companies for access to its users so it doesn’t have to ask venture capitalists for more cash, said Williams, the company’s chief executive officer. As the value of Internet companies plunges this year, investors are asking for a bigger chunk of the startups they invest in.

“The VCs have the money, but they’ll just negotiate harder,” said Williams, who sold his previous venture, Blogger, to Google Inc. in 2003. “I want to manage things so I don’t have to raise money in 2009.”

So, be careful out there! Non-business folks you should be fine! But the reckoning may come (Can you fit extra ads in 140 characters? :))

Stay tuned for more Twitter-News as it comes up!

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