New version of Twitter Phishing Scam with access-logins

January 4th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Excellent! One of my self-infected accounts I created to track this Phishing scam has hit paydirt!

Here is what the tweet will look like:

Hey, i found a website with your pic on it... LOL check it out here

It brings you to the same type of site, again no malware or spyware executing by visiting there.

By now the site should be in your anti-phishing dialog (Chrome and Firefox caught it, I had to bypsas that to get to the site)

You do have to watch out because the method of distribution of this attack appears to be very SLOW to hit, I’ll see tweets come 2-3 or 15-20 minutes a part from the same account, so be wary of the tweets we’re in for a long night of this infection continuing to spread!

If you have been infected – Change your password, and make sure you haven’t stopped following people.   That’s all I can say for now.  Reference these links for more details on this Phishing Scam on Twitter

Twitter Phishing Scam with Blogspot – Post Mortem

Phishing Scams finally hit Twitter!

Gone Phishing

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  • Andrea Hill says:

    I did the same thing (purposely allowed a dummy account to get infected). I haven’t had a chance to see the results yet, though.. I’m very interested to see that you have.

    It’s a bit anticlimactic. I’d like to see a phishing scheme where the infected account gets a weird rash or something interesting :)

  • The results haven’t been all that great other than seeing the new thread of it before most others see it.
    I’m going to leave it in its infected state with credentials compromised solely so I can look for future influence on those accounts.

    For the record, the accounts which are infected are @infectme and @cuteveganboy ;) – Both created for the purposes of infection.

    I’ll continue to monitor and keep an eye out on them, and the Tweetosphere in general :)

    Thanks for your self-infection and comments as well! :)

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