How do I fix the Tweetdeck API issue with Twitter?

December 24th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

First of all, this is not an issue with Tweetdeck, this is an issue with Twitter!

How I personally handle this issue (And I haven’t hit an API limitation using just Tweetdeck)

Is go in and modify the API values to look like this:



As you can see, the major difference is the “All Friends” has been increased from 1min to 1min 12s.

That minor difference alone is easily enough to make up for the API limits on an hourly basis.

If you continue to run out of API calls in an hour, increase that number to 2 minutes or beyond.




While you’re at it, upgrade to Tweetdeck 0.21 Beta released: Christmas Eve!

  • – Added spell checker
  • – Added sent DMs to DM column
  • – Added “narrow columns” preference
  • – Added confirm box when closing a column
  • – Added TweetShrink functionality to tweet panel
  • – Introducing TweetDeck Services
  • – Fixed bug with missing tweets from All Tweets feed in between your own posts
  • – Fixed #searches not updating properly
  • – Updated interface to make it slimmer, reduced some UI spacing
  • – Added tweet actions now cause tweet to be marked as seen
  • – Added logic to auto-add http:// where necessary to urls to be shortened
  • – Added double-check so reply column tweet must contain @username
  • – Added “unknow” message to profiles where returned data is incomplete
  • – Updated “mark as read” to “mark as seen”
  • – Updated saving of window size & position and url shortener code
  • – Updated logout button location
  • – Updated “All Tweets” to more accurate “All Friends” column name
  • – Updated 12seconds video to be more in line with tweet UI
  • – Fixed hanging when deleting tweet
  • – Fixed bug so edited group names update straight away
  • – Fixed hanging when marking as read
  • – Fixed bug where a cleared column now updates with just new tweets
  • – Fixed bug with DM counter
  • – Removed auto-update of favorites column
  • – Removed cross column marking as read – performance issue, temporary measure
  • – Removed cross column deleting – performance issue, temporary measure

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  • So true!!
    I had thought I was having trouble with TweetDeck, cos I had too many tweets, realised it was the number of times, the screen was refreshing.. problem fixed! Thanks for sharing :) (Though I did fix my problem thanks to help from @jstrides, before finding this article, but well written, I’m sure it’ll help others ;)

  • Thanks for the advice, I usually don’t like playing around with settings, but after reading your advice, I’ve changed them and now I don’t have the API problems..

  • Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! :) Finding that balance between what works and doesn’t brings me great joy!

    Take care!

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