Kicking with the New Tweet Deck v0.20b and Adobe Air 1.5

November 17th, 2008
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Anyone who’s been using Tweet Deck has also been using Adobe Air!

Well, there are a number of enhancements introduced in both of them! A MUST upgrade, hands down, no question about it!

Tweet Deck:

There are a number of new details introduced in v0.20b, and you can go here to check them out, but some of the ones I’ve particularly noticed and enjoy!

Response times are amazing! If I post a tweet, it appears immediately instead of getting cached to eventually deliver.  Running at speeds equal to being “On Web”


You notice that little “[+]” over there? That serves two-fold benefits!

First of all, it lets you add people to groups, so you can structure and order things easier inside of Tweet Deck Groups! And second of all, if there is no [+] What you have there is someone who is following you, but you are not following.  This plays out very useful in the Replies column trying to decide if someone you are talking to is someone you are following or not!


Love the new “Remaining API” section, which lets you know how close you are to exceeding your API calls for the hour and effectively being stuck with “Rate limit reached”

You will notice that the little scroll bar at the bottom which let you specify the period of time, with which your tweets will be displayed is gone.  Yes, it is gone, though with these new advancements and speed, it may not be needed anymore!

Be careful though, if you have a preferred URL shortener, it will reset it to the default!


Adobe Air:

Finally! Adobe Air will use your default browser instead of an alternate Browser!

What does this mean for you? It means if you chose FireFox, or Chrome to be your default browser, it will use FF or Chrome, instead of forcing it to IE.   I’ll have to test this on my Mac still to see if it forces open every link clicked as a new Browser entirely, but it should continue to open as new tabs in your existing browser in your preferred browser! Thanks Adobe!

So, go upgrade! You’ll be glad that you upgraded both Adobe Air and Tweet Deck!

And feel free to add me @cxi on Twitter! I wish I could say I’d add you back immediately, but I still have a case open with Twitter support, preventing me from being able to add new people!

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