Two new “Toys!”

September 5th, 2007
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Let me start by saying, oh my god.
Amazon nearly delivered my package before I ordered it.
With the free shipping, an expectation of 9-14 days for delivery turned around to become a ~28 actual hour delivery time (not business hours)

So, what did I get?
This excellent bag!

This bag comes heralded by many, and will certainly become the bag for me for quite some time.
It has a nice handle which comes out and lets you push and pull respectively, not withstanding the sheer volume of stuff you can carry in it.

This will easily be the home of multiple laptops for me, and possibly even some spare clothes! (Or so I’ve heard people often carry 2 days worth of clothing for trips)

A lot of people have reported a problem with the handle on this, and I too experienced that almost initially.
However, after fully depressing the button for opening and closing, and being sure to fully extend it. Problem solved! Score one for me!

Second on the list, during a Frys 1-day Sale for Labor day, I came across this wondrous TV.

Only to find out later, you can order it online and get the same deal!
And what’s more, they’re still available!

The future may spell another one of these TV’s for me also.

As far as details for this little 32″ LCD HD TV go, it’s nice, excellent screen and display quality, it’s 720p and seems quite comparable for available TV and monitors on the market. Definitely worth its value in my household.

So, what else does the future hold for me? Oh who knows, perhaps a Mac Mini, or some other kind of random device to fill my home lab and production environment :)

Christopher Kusek, Professional Home Purchaser!

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  • Video God

    Professional Home Purchaser….. That’s funny…. :)

    What, not big screen for the Prius….

  • Well, you know how it is.. the TV wouldn’t be a good fit for the Prius, I’d need to go LED or something there ;)

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