EMC Proven Knowledge Sharing Competition – Join Now! Abstracts Due 12NOV #EMCElect

October 22nd, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

EMC Proven Knowledge Sharing Competition 2015!

I know some of you may be aware of this, and others of you have absolutely no idea about it at all! Well don’t let that be a hindrance!

This is the 9th year of this Competition and the camaraderie which comes with it is awesome and drips with community!

Some of the key points which are used to convey interest in this (At least from EMC) involve a few points below..

Your idea can lead to:

  • Articles selected for publication can reach thousands of your colleagues worldwide
  • The current top 10 downloaded articles have been downloaded more than 475,000 times
  • Overall, our Knowledge Sharing library recently reached a significant milestone; 1.5 million Knowledge Sharing article downloads!
  • Enhancing your professional credentials by having your work published
  • Gaining recognition from EMC, the EMC Proven Professional community, and the information storage industry
  • Becoming eligible for cash prizes ($15,000) and a free pass to EMC World 2015 in Las Vegas

So if that doesn’t seem interesting enough to you… turning your abstract and written ideas into technology gold, recognition in the community AND Cash and Prizes… I mean, why not, right?!

This doesn’t mean it is easy!

That’s so true. I looked at the winners from previous years. This is VERY high quality work, I commend and admire the effort and results they put out, this makes those expensive whitepapers put out by organizations look like nothing compared to the very well researched and laid out work by the folks who are in this competition.  Don’t let that sway you though, you should still do it if you’ve got the passion and something to share!

Signing up has never been easier. It all starts with expressing interest at this link, and then the EMC team will reach out to you to provide you additional links, places to update information, etc.   Also you don’t have to go at it alone, you can join as a team with multiple authors! Also more details can be found at the EMC Community here.

I know that TIME IS RUNNING OUT! So I wanted to make sure you in the community were aware and to take advantage of these opportunities!

Good luck and stay awesome!

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