OMG! Free Brocade Certification Exam and Training (150-810) Good ‘til May 2014!

April 12th, 2014
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

So there I was going through my Brocade Certification track in pursuit of the Brocade Distinguished Architect (More details in my next post ;)) and I came across this little gem!   Free Voucher, Free Training, free-all to knock out one of these exams! Awesome, right?!?

BCEFP - Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional

This is broken down into a few key steps;

Ooh, Ooh! So they asked I pull down the code itself because they’d like people to register, get the training and also sign up to win $500 Amazon Gift Card in a drawing held TWICE per month! (Baller, right?!) So I obliged! Be sure to check out these two links!

And then there you go! Free training, Free Voucher and that’s one step done including additional resume building power!

The drawings remaining are running April 14th, April 28th, May 12th and May 30th!!!

Check it out and certifiiiiiiiiiy! :)

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  • Martin2341 says:

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for posting this. One additional note is the $500 Amazon Gift Card drawing is only open to folks in the US.

  • Good point, thanks for pointing that out!

  • Francisco Cardoso says:


    Is this still valid is the exam voucher be sent afterwards ?

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