Girls In Tech – Chicago Launch Event takeaways

December 2nd, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Girls In Tech!

Hey Chicago! Hey Girls! (Hey Girls In Tech in Chicago?! :)) Okay, that’s a bit trite… :)

It was a beautiful Tuesday evening this December 1st of 2009 – For the opening event of the Chicago chapter of Girls In Tech!    There was an almost equal pairing of women and men at this launch event! It’s great to see the number of men who want to see women thrive in technology and are willing to come out to show it!   

I took a photo which didn’t really come out, but I did take a short 5min video of the introduction, kick off and overview of the organization (with banter from the crowd as well ;)

So, I encourage you men and women alike to not only keep an eye on Girls In Tech, but take an active role in promoting this to others as well!  This is a great organization reaching out to the masses who don’t need to stand alone, there is a solid community and support network out there! Embrace it.  Join and you won’t regret it!

I want to extend special thanks to Managing Director Dawn Kuczwara @digitaldawn for organizing this whole event and Microsoft Technology Evangelist Angela Dugan @oakparkgirl for presenting at this first event!

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