Coolest Gift Ever! USB Rechargeable Batteries! (USBCELL and MOIXA)

May 31st, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

Happy Fathers Day to me! I got one of the coolest gifts you can imagine! That’s right! USB Rechargeable batteries! When you’re as hard to shop for as I happen to be… finding something I’ll enjoy that I don’t already own is nearly impossible, but that task was accomplished with this!  (Yes I know Fathers Day isn’t for a few weeks, but we’re celebrating early this year!)

USBCELL Moixa AA Batteries

Part of what makes this so cool is it’s sheer portability!  I don’t know about you, but I have a number of devices I carry with me which use AA Batteries (or batteries in general) and having to carry a charger is quite lame, let alone the fact that they tend to explode in their chargers.

Problem no more though!   So I want to thank the folks of USBCell and Moixa for this, oh and thanks to Emily for thinking of this gift idea to give to me! :)

Plugged in USBCell AA Batteries Batteries Expose


It also looks like they’re creating some new devices.. AAA, C/D, 9V and Phone/Device batteries! So be on the look out for the other stuff which is so often running out of juice! :)



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  • Jason says:

    Very cool item. I want a pack of 4 right now.

    2 things I am wondering about.

    1. Power. How long do they last in realtionship to normal rechagable batteries.
    2. Time. How long does it take to recharge them? The USB port will put out 500mA, right? I will have to check at home for my other rechargers and how much they out out.

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