WIN7, the easiest to deploy release ever. Your mom could do it

May 18th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I know there has been a lot of banter, talk and discussion around Windows 7, and the this, thats and the other.  Well, let me tell you.  Wow, it’s fricking easy.  So simple, your own mother can do it!   What? No, it can’t be that easy!

I’m a technical person, deeply technical.. so technical I’ll sometimes make things take many times longer than it should to get done, as I not only understand it in massive depth, but also try to make sure we’re subscribing to the simplest path to that solution, so it’s worth it for a little bit up front for long term viability.

Want to setup WIN7 on your own? Want it to be an easy journey? How about on a NetBook? I opt’d to go for this video.    I did find some great videos on however, in the threads which followed, they frankly left too open to interpretation of people ‘confused’ of how it was done, and confusion is not what I seek.

So, instead I direct you to uniquefree who produced this video!  I followed it to see how viable it worked, 15 minutes later, I had a brand new NetBook running Win7.

So, props are given where they’re due.   No external app downloads required, if you have the iso extracted, just copy the files in the same fashion he advises with Xcopy and you’re done.  Install complete and ready to go.   Can’t go wrong!

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