Career Express Day 3 Tony Luke’s and the Liberty Bell

May 4th, 2009
by Christopher Kusek (PKGuild)

I’m going to take liberty with this post (Doh!) but seriously! I wish these photos came out better, but I’ll go with what I have which are the best of those I’ll be selecting!

Tony Lukes and one of our drivers Visitor! IT Professionals in Philly meet, greet and eat?! Everybodies smiling! I know I was! What a great family/friends shot!

We finished up eating, meeting and greeting at Tony Luke’s and proceeded on to the Liberty Bell and more! We were fortunate to have our wonderful walking guide @Krosen to take us on a tour in the drizzly sunday evening!

Our nations monuments.. available during the daytime.  Doh! @chrisrue almost gets killed crossing this street when the Guards wihstles went off! Hmm, where's my delorean?!

You know that old saying, give me liberty or give me death.   I’ll take Liberty, kthx!

Hmm, liberty in the sky!  Let there be liberty! Give me liberty, or give me a double door entrance way!

After this point, we walked around and saw some great sights, had some amazing laughs, to the potential tune of Sarah being in tears of laughter! Oh, and Robots.. WTF, why are there robots on the street everywhere in philly?!   Time to crash! Have to meet with some great kids in the morning for yet another wondrous day on the Bus!

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  • Orin Thomas says:

    Disturbing lack of puppet in these photos! ;-)

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